Friday, July 31, 2009

Excuse Me....Are You a Property Agent ? (8)

"Let's go over to the Great World City to take a look at your photos", suggested Angie, the private banker of my potential purchaser. My client had wanted to find a buyer to take over his purchase before the exercise of option the following day! Viewing was difficult because the tenant was on a business trip. Earlier I had shown the buyer a unit on the same stack so that he would have an idea of the layout and facing. I had taken photos of the actual unit but had forgotten to put back the battery in the camera after recharging.

I thought Angie wanted to take me to a Kodak Camera shop where I could print out the photos with the memory card. Instead we went to Best Denki Digital where she told the amicable salesman she wanted to test a camera by putting in the card. After seeing the photos of the property, Angie and her client walked away. I ran after her, and asked if she had wanted to buy the camera and that was why she asked to test it. Angie raised her eyebrows as if exasperated with my naiveness. She told me she would give me her client's confirmation of the purchase the following morning.

I went back to Denki Digital and asked the salesman about the camera. "Who's that lady and the old man?" asked the salesman.

"He's an Indonesian investor who is keen to buy my client's condominium and the lady is his private banker," I replied.

"I think you're more successful than the private banker," Dennis, the salesman volunteered.

When he saw me raising my eyebrows, Dennis continued, "I knew the banker only wanted to use my camera on the pretext of buying. I still gave good the end I had a sale. The banker uses people; but you bless others." I told Dennis that maybe he was right as I am one of my company's top producers. I had been wanting to buy a camera for a client as a gift to thank him for his support.

"There...there I told you so!" said Dennis triumphantly.

I asked Dennis if he would like to join my company as a property agent. "I only have primary school education," he said. However I told him that one of our top agents, Nicole Lim, also did not have very high education. My boss, Dr. Dennis Wee had also studied up to Secondary Two, but is today a very successful man. "Perseverance and passion - secret of success in anything you. do."

Dear readers, I am sharing with you the above anecdote to encourage you. We must always realise that someone is watching us and that there are others who are smarter and more street-wise than us. Above all, there is One up there who is always looking out for us, and it is from Him that all blessings flow. Indeed life is easier when we do not manipulate and connive. It is easier to bask in the grace and blessings of the One who holds the four corners of the world together!

Gan Chau

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