Saturday, December 11, 2010

Introducing Yann's Interesting Blog


Tuesday, December 7, 2010Handmade Cards
Recently I received my orders from and I was so happy and excited like children getting their new toys. There were my scrapbooking materials, fabrics and books. I just couldn't wait to start new crafting and sewing projects. It was tormenting for not having time to create with holidays and happenings around. After 10 days of long wait, I finally settled down to create.

With my beloved Aunt Choo Choo's birthday around the corner, I made her a card. No sketch, just playing around with my new puncher and stamps. The velvet ribbon and metal alphabet used on the card exudes class and elegance.

I still prefer hard copy birthday cards than e-cards where I can touch, feel the textures and read the hand written messages. Thus, I like to take the effort to handmade them for those who are dear to me. Something I had done since my high school days. When beautiful imported Hallmark cards were too expensive for me to afford them. My simple cards of drawings with watercolour on water color papers had warmed and touched hearts.

Today, with the availability of modern tools and art supplies, more beautiful and fancier cards can be made easil


Yann's travelling journals

Some of the interesting people Yann met during her travels
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The past two months had been busy months as many of my relatives were in Singapore for Ning's concert. I also flew back to Penang to celebrate my beloved second brother's 70th birthday, and just shortly after returning to Singapore, I went with eldest sister to visit her daughter, Esther, in Kuala Lumpur. We also took the
opportunity to visit my beloved niece, Yann, at her lovely and creative home as well
as to visit some relatives in the capital of Malaysia.

Yann has started an interesting blog in which she shares with readers about her travels to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. She also shares her creative handicrafts in her blog. The above are some of the pictures that have been posted in the blog.
If my readers are interested, they can log in at

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