Tuesday, December 14, 2010

With Passion, Everything is Possible!


Our District 80 Governor Aziz Mustajab with charming Keynote Speaker, Pat Johnson, International President who came all the way from Canada!

One of the many lively and passionate toastmasters from District 80 with Pat

Amelia Ching delivering her wonderful speech as test speaker

A pose with Dr. William Tan and his book "No Journey Too Tough". A neuroscientist and medical doctor, Dr. Tan is well known for his record-breaking attempt to race
in 10 marathons in 65 days across 7 continents.

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Frankly I had been somewhat hesitant at first to sign up for the District 80 Semi-
Annual Convention in Singapore 2010. Of late my health had not been good and I was
afraid of over-exhaustion. But I was glad I signed up. I had not been to any overseas convention, but would not want to miss the conventions in Singapore, as it
would be less exhausting for me to travel.

I enjoyed every moment of the convention. It was indeed a good time to catch up with
toastmasters from Singapore and Thailand. I was blessed by the speeches made by Pat Johnson as well as the inspirational speakers like Dr. William Tan and Foo Fung Liang. I had read about Dr. William Tan's tenacity in overcoming his polio and to carve for himself a good career. Most admirable is his zest for life and determination to help raise funds through his many marathons.

I also enjoyed the humorous speeches. I laughed so much that I could hardly take my dinner after the contest. I was proud of Amelia Ching, my good friend, for her confidence and poise in delivering her speech as a test speaker. It is not easy to be a test speaker, because after the speech there will be some seven to eight contestants evaluating your speech. It takes a strong person to have "arrows being shot at you". Nevertheless, it is a wonderful experience for we will improve

The convention ended with a sumptuous dinner at the Safra Club at Jurong. We enjoyed the dance items on stage as well as the inspirational speech by Dr. William
Tan. It is always wonderful to attend toastmasters' conventions because you will
always go back, enriched and inspired, and become even more passionate in your toastmasters' journey.

Gan Cao

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