Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back in Penang for Chinese New Year!

Tonight I am taking the coach to Penang. What a great joy to see my beloved brother and his family. I am also looking foward to seeing my dearest Aunty Ah Giam whom I love very much, and who is now in her 80's. I have asked her daughter, Suan, to get a scalar energy pendant for her mom, so that hopefully, it will give Aunty renewed energy to enable her to walk better. Aunt has weakened considerably since her stroke a few years ago. I really hope to see her up and about again.

I am also looking forward to seeing my beloved cousin, Nancy. Though armed only with a few years in school, Nancy speaks very good English, and might be able to be a Champion speaker for the Toastmasters' Humorous speech contests. I always tell her that each time I am back in Penang, I get fat not only from eating the delicious food, but from laughing as well.

This year, I go back a week earlier. Two reasons. I wish to avoid the frantic New Year jam at the Causeway, and I realise that I only pay S$61/- for my luxury coach. If I were to go back tomorrow, the ticket is doubled in price! Last year, I missed the New Year gathering at Dr. Dennis Wee's home. I am glad that this year, I could be back on time for the gathering on the 4th day of New Year. I am looking forward to trying Dr. Wee's famous Fried Hokkien Mee. My boss, Dr. Wee is such a versatile, fun and enigmatic person. Frankly, I am curious to find out how he cooks his popular dish!

I am so glad that I have settled down in Singapore, and not in another country far away like Canada. Singapore is so centrally located. Hence, it is easier for me to travel to visit all my siblings and relatives in Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Europe, USA and Canada.

Wishing all my readers in Singapore and all over the world :-

Keong Hee Huat Chye! Gong xi fa cai!
Ang pao jit pao lai! Hong bao yi bao lai!
Gin ni tua huat chye! Jin nian ta fa cai!
Tarn lui eng eng lai! Chuan chien rong yi lai!

Happy new year!
An ang pow for me my dear!
A year of prospering!
Earnings easily rolling in!

Selamat Hari Raya!
Ang pow, sila beri saya.
Tahun ini lebih banyak kaya,
Cari wang - senang, ingin kaya!

Une bien Heureuse Annee!
Ang pow venez venez,
Une annee out les affaires,
Aisement prosperent prosperent.

May God bless you with His peace, joy, great health and prosperity in 2008!

Gan Chau

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Orchard Hotel versus Orchard Parade Hotel

My colleague, Mary Phee, had recently invited me to her eldest son's wedding. When she gave me the card, I immediately told her I knew where the hotel is located. It is also the same hotel that my ex-tenant, Yi Wei, worked in.

We had a lovely lunch reception at the church and after that I dashed off for my Toastmasters' Club Officers' Training in Whampoa. After the Training, I went back home to have a change of clothes. When I reached Orchard Hotel, I saw that the bride and groom were already getting ready to enter the ballroom. I was somewhat anxious and my anxiety was heightened by the inability of the ushers to locate my name. "I'm Mary's colleague", I said. Which side - the bride's side or the groom's side?" asked the ladies at the reception counter. " You mean both mothers-in-law are also called Mary?" I asked, somewhat flabbergasted.

Just then I turned around to look at the bride and wondered how she had lost so much weight within one day. Later the groom came to check and I suddenly realised he was not my colleague's son! Sheepishly I told the ladies I could have come to the wrong dinner party! Whereupon, they quickly told me it could be the one in the next ballroom. Howver, it was a company dinner! It suddenly occured to me that I could be in the wrong hotel!! Whereupon I asked if there is another hotel nearby. The receptionist told me that Orchard Parade Hotel is just across the road. To my relief I found my colleagues already seated at the dining table. Everyone laughed when I shared with them about the funny incident.

Orchard Parade Hotel used to be called the Ming Court Hotel. There are so many developments and changes in building names, that perhaps I should always double check before I set out from my home. In Singapore, sometimes buildings are demolished or taken over faster than you can say, "All the best to you, my dear!"

Amazing how we sometimes think we know, but we actually do not know! And yet, we have the audacity to argue with others!

Gan Chau

Monday, January 28, 2008

Lessons from Korean Movies

Since having watched the Jewel in the Palace, a Korean serial, I have become more interested in Korean movies. I guess my interest in Korean culture first started when I worked for a Korean company in Penang some 3 decades ago. My colleagues taught me to speak and write in their language and even played linguistic tricks on me. My bosses awarded me with a holiday to Korea in recognition of my being the best secretary in South East Asia! I tasted such great Korean hospitality during my two weeks in Seoul.

Both movies, Jewel in the Palace and Hwangjini, have given me better insight into the culture of the Koreans. My heroines Chang Ching and Hwangjini have inspired me on what women can do to contribute to society. I have become even more interested in cooking, music and poetry since watching these movies. I learnt about the sufferings of the courtesans in those days. I guess if Hwangjini were born in this decade, she would have made a brilliant lawyer or politician!

I seldom watch television programmes but when I do follow a serial, I watch it with a great tenacity not to miss any program. My friends advised me to buy the tapes. I do not even have a VCD player and I also dislike to watch the whole movie for long hours. I prefer to watch when the serial is being shown on television, and to analyse and ponder over each program. I will be able to remember better and for a long time. I can still remember some of my favourite movies which I have watched 4 decades ago!! My favourite is the Hindi movie, "Haathi Mere Saathi" (Elephant, My Friend). I remember once narrating the movie to an Indian customer at Rialto. He was surprised by my memory of even intricate details!

Yesterday's program of Hwangjini made me realise how criminals were punished in a horrendous manner. When the emperor ordered Zhengxian to be dismembered by bulls, ropes were tied to his hands and feet to be pulled by four bulls! Fortunately the punishment was stopped on time by a change of the Emperor's heart. If it had continued, Zhengxian's legs and arms would be ripped off, leaving him in excruciating pain and slowly bleeding to death. After last night's episode, it also made me reflect on how Jesus was punished. Jesus was flogged with the cat-of-nine-tails. The whip with the nine hooks at the end would tear at his flesh with every flog. When I think of how Jesus had suffered on the Cross, it makes me even more determined to walk closely with Him and to live the abundant life He has given me.

Gan Chau

Friday, January 25, 2008

"You're Not Even Panting!"

After the toastmasters' meeting at StatsChipPac at about 8p.m. I wanted to rush because of my favourite 9p.m. TV serial, A Taste of Love. I am watching this serial because some of my favourite actors and actresses are in this production. I hardly watch TV but when I follow a serial, I try not to miss any program if I can help it.

Just when I was nearing the bus stop, bus No. 70 arrived. I sprinted and ran with all my might, as the next bus would come by in another 15 to 20 minutes. When I got into the bus, I thanked the bus driver and was surprised that the two gentlemen who had also run ahead of me, were panting furiously. When they recovered sufficiently, one of the said to me, "Aunty, you ran so fast and you are not even panting!" Whereupon I smiled.

The amazing quantum pendant has really restored my energy. Now I have the confidence to participate in the forthcoming 10 km run. Due to my backaches, I had stopped participating in all these runs. What a joy to be able to run, and feel the wind on my face again!

I will also be cooking curry chicken for our forthcoming toastmasters' meeting on Monday. I had stopped cooking for a few months because of my excruciating back pain. I had to sit down every few minutes. I turned down teaching part time because of backaches. Whenever I teach, I would prefer to stand so that my students can see me and hence pay more attention. Now I may consider teaching part time again.

I have not experienced such a tremendous sense of well being! Thanks to the quantum science pendant, I am now able to run around like I used to.

Gan Chau

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

IQ versus EQ

Recently my best friend, Soh Wah, shared with me that her nephew, one of the top scholars in his school, Raffles Junior College, failed to enter medical school at NUS. Armed with impeccable results, the young man thought, he would surely qualify! Alas! Pride before the fall! The interviewers could see through his arrogrance, and lack of EQ. A good doctor needs more than just sheer IQ!

Yesterday, the headlines in the New Paper confirmed the above. "Mum takes itching daughter to Woodlands doc who scolds her: Your girl, 9, not a virgin". Madam Sarah had taken her little girl to see this doctor who pointed to her daughter, "Who is this girl? Is this your daughter? And you, the mother? You're the mother, and you don't know what's wrong with your daugher?" Before the mother could gather her composure, the doctor ranted, "Girls this young should not have problems like this. Their privates should not feel this way unless she did some hanky-panky". Amazing that the doctor uttered all these words before she could even examine the poor little girl.!

The girl was then told to climb on to the bed. There was no curtain for privacy. The doctor then pointed to her 7 year old son who was trying to hide behind a pillar. She yelled at the little boy and told him to get out. "You mean, this is how you live at home? You let the girl open here and open there, and then let the men see? We can be liberal but not this liberal".

Madam Sarah then told the daughter to lie down in English. She claimed the doctor asked the little girl, "You don't understand English ah?"

The doctor then claimed that the little girl is no longer a virgin and scolded the mother for being in the dark. She was prescibed an anti-bacterial wash and an anti-fungal cream.

Uneasy, Madam Sarah and her husband went to the KK Hospital to seek a second opinion. They were relieved when the doctor said the little girl had pinworms which are commonly found in children. Her daughter recovered fast from the anti-worm tablets.

Sylvia Toh Paik Choo, the journalist was enlightening in her comMEnt "So Well-Educatated Yet So Rude". The doctor is already in her 60s. I wonder how many people she had upset or hurt with her terse and tactless comments. How I wish whoever had interviewed her for medical studies decades ago, should have disqualified her like the way my friend's nephew was disqualified. Patients do not only need medicine to get better. They need encouraging words to boost their already low morale. We have heard how the will to live and to get better is crucial and vital to a sick person.

In sharp contrast, some people with lesser education can be so much more refined! My long time electrical cum plumbing contractor friend, Kenny Wee, whom I have known for 23 years will put the likes of the Woodlands doctor to shame. Though he only has secondary school education, Kenny is soft spoken and always polite and helpful.

This is why when I was teaching English in River Valley High and ACS (Independant) I emphasised to my students that I was not teaching them English for O levels, but English for life. I taught them how to express their annoyance and anger in a more refined way. I urged them to write down their thoughts instead of spewing them out verbally and on the spot, for it is hard to erase words that have been spoken out. I taught them the use of emotive language and euphemism.

If Singapore is to become the gracious society that Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew is looking forward to in line with our great progress in nation building, everyone of us here has to begin by guarding our tongues. We speak everyday. We must never let our bad mood or frustration interfere with the way we speak. I always tell myself to count up to 20 before I utter anything when I am angry.

I always remember what my papa had taught us, "Words heal; words can also kill". Life in this modern world is already so stressful and tough. Let us encourage one another with words that heal and soothe.

Gan Chau

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Power of Botox!

I have heard of botox before, but have never met anyone who has openly confessed that her youthfulness is due to botox.

A few days ago, I was in the lady's locker room when I met a very beautiful lady. She smiled and I reciprocated. I complimented her for her looks. She told me that her oldest son is 40 years old! I told her she looked like as if she is in her forties herself! Her face is very smooth and wrinkled free. With her big eyes and almost Barbie doll look with jet black hair, she looked a picture of youthfulness!

"Botox! All thanks to botox! You have a smooth complexion too. You go for botox also?"

"No, I can't afford aesthetics beauty treatment!" I said.

"Morever, I do not like unnecessary foreign objects in my body. I dislike taking risks with aesthetics surgery.

Thereupon, I shared with her about the quantum science pendant and the scalar energy it exudes. I believe it has helped me very much in my blood circulation for of late, so many people have been complimenting me on my glowing complexion!! I need not have to spend thousands of dollars on aesthetics procedures and surgery.

Gan Chau

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Running Up and Down the Stairs!

I have always lived on the second floor of apartment buildings, as I am someone impatient with lifts, and prefer to run up and down the stairs.

However, I have no choice when this apartment is on the 5th floor. The lifts are on the 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 12th floors. The lifts move quite slowly, unlike the more modern lifts. Due to the excruciating pain in my knees, I found it difficult to walk down the stairs. Hence, I had no alternative but to walk down to the third floor and take the lift. Hence, it was great news to all of us, when the Town Council announced that the lifts would be upgraded and would stop at every floor. We were also very pleased that we need to pay only $100/- per household for the upgrading. However, with the upgrading it would also mean a lot of disruption and inconvenience. It also means that one lift could only be used at one time. Hence, even more waiting time.

Hence, you can imagine my sheer joy and delight when I recently found that I could run up and down the stairs. The scalar energy given out by the quantum science pendant has removed the pain in my knees, and has given me the energy to run up and down the 5 flight of stairs.! I have counted the steps....a total of 78 steps to the fifth floor. The steps at the Little India MRT are a total of 56 steps.

Now I can save so much time without having to use the lifts.! The exercise has also improved my well-being.

Gan Chau

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cruel Numbering! Lucky 4D Fish?

Yesterday, I was dismayed and upset when I read the article, "Lucky 4D Fish? in the New Paper. The short article with a picture of Molly fish reads as follows :-

"Admire your fish and get 4D numbers too. Ornamental fish farm Qian Hu has imported 500 Molly fish from Thailand. Each fish is imprinted with numbers, from zero to nine.

Since the fish arrived two weeks ago, Qian Hu said it has sold 200 of them. Each fish costs between $3 and $5. Interestingly, many customers bought four fish at a time. Fish imprinted with numbers 3 and 7 were the most popular, said the farm."

As an animal lover, I can feel the pain that must have been inflicted on the poor little creatures! And how to admire the fish whose beauty has been marred by some ugly numbering! And notice that many customers bought four fish at a time. Are these really fish lovers or animal punters?

I hate it when homo sapiens go to the extent of doing stupid, senseless and selfish things just to promote their own wealth. I am usually quite good natured and tolerant, and I can accept people's unique beliefs and superstitions. However I become intolerant when these beliefs and superstitions inflict hurt on living creatures, big and small, two legged or four legged. These creatures are so small, and who knows, the ink may cause them to die faster? Tattooing is already painful on the adult skin. How much more excruciatingly painful on these helpless, little Mollies!!

If Singapore is to be the gracious society that the government is hoping to develop, the Ministry should ban the import of fish with numbers imprinted onto them. Let us help to stop the abuse of animals!

Qian Hu, please stop importing the Mollies with numbers. Please don't help to prosper businessmen who have no heart for the living products that bring them profits.

Gan Chau

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Memorable Moments in Primary School

Apart from the story of being tricked by my sister to holler "I love you" to my detestable cousin, Ah Pong, I guess many of my readers will be interested to know of other similarly embarrassing yet memorable moments. I had to make so many mistakes in the process of attempting to learn English.!

One day, I asked my Primary Three teacher, Mrs. Khoo, why a man was jailed for laughter. "Jailed for laughing?" my teacher frowned, somewhat puzzled. Thereupon I showed her a piece of newspaper cutting. The headline read, "Jailed for manslaughter". My teacher laughed, and explained that manslaughter meant killing without pre-planning.

When I was in Primary Five, my form teacher, Mrs. Lim, pointed out that I had used a word wrongly in my essay, and advised that I must learn to use simple words. In my composition, I had written, "The butterfly was flirting from flower to flower!"

With arms akimbo, Mrs. Lim who was somewhat rotund, roared, "And what does a young girl like you know about flirting?" The class laughed. I felt my cheeks burning. Docile as I was, I dared not suggest to the teacher that probably my letter "l" looked like "r". Hence it should be "The butterfly was flitting from flower to flower!" After this incident, the dictionary became my constant companion and best friend.

Ah! The complexities and charm of the English tongue.! Today at 54 years and 36 days old, I am still enthralled with this beautiful language, and am still trying to master it!!

Gan Chau

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Pessimist and the Optimist

I was surprised to receive a call from my client and friend, Sylvia Khoo, just after I emailed her my articles on the quantum pendant. Sylvia told me she wanted to try the pendant as well as the titanium flask which energises water. Her Singapore Symphony Orchestra Conductor had once asked all the musicians to drink energised water, but as usual, Sylvia could not be bothered. Of late, she had been having insomnia, and was constantly tired. Sylvia felt frustrated because there were so many things that she wanted to do, but did not have the energy to do it. Later she smsed me that she also wanted to buy the quantum bracelet, but I told her the quantum pendant and flask would be good enough, and to save her money. Sylvia was very excited and smsed me that if the pendant and flask work for her, she would give me a nice dinner treat. I smsed her that I was looking forward to her treat.

On the other hand, I met a toastmaster at one of our seminars. He had read my article about the quantum pendant and to my surprise, he kept asking me if it really worked. I told him it had worked for so many should work for him. He asked if he could just try wearing the pendant to see if it works. If it does not, he will return the pendant!! I was surprised when he told me he is suffering from severe backaches, because he looks so fit.

I told my toastmaster friend that I cannot let him try the pendant. Once, a smoker who wore the pendant realised that his pendant reeked of very strong nicotine smell. Hence it is not advisable to share pendants. I told him to research more about scalar energy in the internet and he should try the quantum pendant only if he is convinced.

I told him that I am very excited because for the first time, I am starting to lose some weight.
With the new energy I am able to walk faster and feel extremely fresh after a solid good night's sleep. As the pendant has done me so much good, I cannot help sharing with others, but I am never a pusher in my sales whether it is relating to properties or pendants. The product must speak for itself.

When Amu first shared with me about the pendant, I thought I would give it a try. If the pendant costs $2,888/- or $28,0000/- I might have not tried. But at $288/- it is worth giving it a shot. If it does not work, at least I have tried, but with the testimonies of so many people who have found goodness in it, the chances are it should work for me. I cannot expect to win all the time. After all in life, we gain some, we lose some.

I also felt that at $288/- I can use the pendant for a long time. Unlike health produces that are consumed, I need to replenish the stocks all the time, and most of these products from NuSkin and Usana, for example, are not cheap either.

In life, we have pessmists and optimists. I guess, life becomes a little easier when we are optimistic.

Gan Chau

Monday, January 14, 2008

What a Lovely and Colorful Website!

Brother Kee Yong called me from Canada to inform me that his website is up on the internet!

His daughter, Kam Ning, has done a marvellous job in creating a website featuring his art and music! Ning has read a manual on her own on how to set up a website. Amazing! I can never do that.

I am so proud of Ning. She has been endowed with not only musical talent, but talent in many other areas. Most important, whatever she does, she does to the best of her ability.

I hope to share with readers the colorful and interesting website at


I Can't Believe It!

Pastor Singam had kindly delivered a nice old dressing table with a big mirror to my home in September. It was quite heavy as the wood was hard. His friend had volunteered to pick up the furniture and helped Pastor Singam deliver it.

After a couple of months, I realised that I hardly even looked into the mirror! I also had so few cosmetics that they did not warrant to be placed on a dressing table which took up so much space. Yesterday I decided to dispose the furniture so that someone from the neighbourhood could make good use of it.

Yesterday, I did not want to trouble my tenant, Yi Wei. I decided to move the furniture myself. I also decided to reposition my tall bookshelf. After removing a row of books, I decided to see whether I could just move the bookshelf without removing the rest of the books on the other shelves. To my surprise, I was able to do it! In the past I always had to remove all the books on the stack of 5 shelves. Moving the dressing table down 3 steps at my main entrance was quite tricky, but I managed to lift the furniture! I pushed the dressing table all the way to the end of the block so that the cleaner or anyone in the neighbourhood could help himself if he had need of the furniture.

I used to admire my neighbour, Irin, for her great strength. Although she is so petitite, she could carry 4 packets of soil and 3 pots of plants at one go. In contrast I could only carry one packet of soil at a time!

Thanks to the quantum pendant which has increased my energy! I am so happy because I am the type who likes to be independant and dislike troubling others....especially when it comes to moving and carrying heavy things.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Giving Pre$ents with $ome $ense!

Amu shared with me a hilarious incident. Though funny, it set me pondering and hence coming up with this article.

Just after all the guests had left Amu's Christmas party at her home, her little nephews and nieces urged her to open up all her presents. They were so eager that Amu finally relented.
"Ok, you can open up all, except for the one given by Choo Choo. After all, you can see what is inside through the lovely transparent wrapper," Amu instructed.

The children happily opened up the presents. There were bottles of perfumes, some handbags, talcum powder, etc. Suddenly, Amu's nephew, Amos, gave a loud shriek, "Yucks, what's this.? He threw an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini into the air. !

"How can anyone give you such a present, Premar?" (Tamil for aunty), Amos asked indignantly.
The person must surely know Premar's size!

"So insulting!", added Claudia. "It's better if the person can just give some sweets. Surely she knows Premar is big sized." Claudia is the second youngest and also the quietest. She is seldom inclined to talk, but when she does talk, she certainly drives home a point.

Abigail, the eldest niece added. "How much weight must you lose Premar before you can get into the bikini?" "Throw it away," advocated Titus, the oldest nephew. "What a gift.!"

Good natured Amu tried to defend the giver of the bikini. "Maybe she received the gift from someone and wanted to recycle, or maybe she had intended for me to give to one of my nieces."

"Yucks, we don't want it, Premar. Who dares to wear the bikini?" the girls echoed.

Amu said it would have been great if the giver had warned her about the gift so that she would not have allowed her relatives to open up the gifts, and hence all the unfavourable comments could have been avoided.

To me, giving is not convenience. One has to take the trouble to decide what gift is appropriate. Giving is not the amount of the gift. God treasures the widow's mite. Giving is also not compulsion, or giving for the sake of giving. There is nothing wrong with "recyling" a gift, but it must be appropriately given so that the receipient can make good use of it.

Someone has said that giving is not giving if there is no sacrifice. The most touching story that we know about earthly giving, is the gift of the Magi. Both husband and wife sacrificed their most treasured possession in order to make the other person happy.

I guess the greatest gift of all is the salvation and love of God. This is probably what Christmas is all about - giving. So let us give happily and sacrificially for God loves a cheerful giver.

The Ant and The Contact Lens


A true story by Josh and Karen Zarandona

Brenda was a young woman who was invited to go
rock climbing. Although she was very scared, she
went with her group to a tremendous granite
cliff. In spite of her fear, she put on the
gear, took hold of the rope, and started up
the face of that rock.
Well, she got to a ledge where she could take a
breather. As she was hanging on! there, the
safety rope snapped against Brenda's eye and
knocked out her contact lens.
Well, here she is, on a rock ledge, with
hundreds of feet below her and hundreds of feet
above her. Of course, she looked and looked
and looked, hoping it had landed on the ledge,
but it just wasn't there.
Here she was, far from home, her sight now
blurry. She was desperate and began to get
upset, so she prayed to the Lord to help her to
find it.
When she got to the top, a friend examined her
eye and her clothing for the lens, but there was
no contact lens to be found. She sat down,
despondent, with the rest of the party, waiting
for the rest of them to make it up the face of
the cliff.
She looked out across range after range of
mountains, thinking of that verse that says, "The
eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the
whole earth." She thought, "Lord, You can see
all these mountains. You know every stone and
leaf, and You know exactly where my contact lens
is. Please help me."
Finally, they walked down the trail to the
bottom. At the bottom there was a new party of
climbers just starting up the face of the cliff.
One of them shouted out, "Hey, you guys! Anybody
lose a contact lens?"
Well, that would be startling enough, but you
know why the climber saw it? An ant was moving
slowly across the face of the rock, carrying it
on it's back.
Brenda told me that her father is a cartoonist.
When she told him the incredible story of the
ant, the prayer, and the contact lens, he drew
a pi! cture of an ant lugging that contact lens
with the words, "Lord, I don't know why You want
me to carry this thing. I can't eat it, and
it's awfully heavy. But if this is what You
want me to do, I'll carry it for You."
I think it would probably do some of us good to
occasionally say, "God, I don't know why you
want me to carry this load. I can see no good
in it and it's awfully heavy. But, if you want
me to carry it, I will."
God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the
called. Yes, I do love GOD. He is my source of
existence and my Savior. He keeps me functioning
each and every day. Without Him, I am nothing,
but with Him...I can do all things through
Christ which strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)

When I read the above story sent by a friend, Freddy Kang, I was moved to tears for it reminds me how much God cares for everyone of us. I know some doubting Thomases will say that it is only fiction, too incredible. Things that are simple, like the Quantum Pendant, may tend to confound some human minds that have the tendency to reason and in the process, complicate things. I had once found it hard to believe, that even those who had actually seen the miracles of Jesus, still did not believe that He is the true, miracle-working God!

I believe in the above story and, in my next article, will share with readers about my own experiences with finding my glasses which had dropped in the ocean, and my contact lens which had dropped not once, but twice - once in a public toilet, and once in the YWCA Hostel.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A New Lease of Life with Scalar Energy!

I was surprised to receive a call from my client, Cecelia this afternoon. She told me she saw me running down the stairs at the Outram Road MRT Station as she was going up the escalator the night before. I laughed and told her that if she had seen me any earlier, she would probably think I was an old lady groping her way down the stairs! Of course, I shared with Cecelia about the quantum pendant, and she wanted one for her older sister who has gout problems.

Amu's friend who bought a pendant from her shared that her husband is now sleeping very soundly. No more insomnia of the past!

Last Sunday, I invited my best friend Soh Wah and her family for lunch to express my appreciation for all the help she and her husband, Phoon Yew Tian, had given to my brother and nieces in their interview with the press. Later, Soh Wah smsed me to say that her husband thought that I was looking much better than before, and he is someone who seldom expresses his compliments. One of my toastmaster friends complimented me for my rosy complexion. Indeed my blood circulation must have improved with the wearing of the pendant.

Today, I feel so happy and vibrant. I was able to show my client a few units in Little India, and even brought him to the Prince of Wales Backpackers' Hotel at Dunlop Street to see how the manager is running his business. My client, Zaman, is looking for a suitable unit to operate as a budget hotel/guesthouse. Though we walked from street to street for two hours, I did not feel any backache!

For the sake of my overseas readers who have not yet met me personally, I guess I should quote the testimonials of some of the more well known personalities who had experienced the benefits of the pendant and energised water.

FOO KOK KEONG (Former World Class No. 1 Badminton Player)

For the past 5 years, I was having serious pain on my right knee cap due to many years of competitive sport including International Badminton Tournaments. After putting on the FusionExcel Quantum Pendant for just a few days, I begin to experience amazing relief of pain on my right knee cap. Recently, my stamina during sporting games had also improved tremendously, due to the increase of energy level provided by the Quantum Pendant. I highly recommend this amazing pendat to all who want to excel in social and competitive sports.

SCOTT SMITH (Current World Long Drive Record Holder - 539 yards)

Training five days a week, and hitting a thousand balls a week can be hard on the body. After wearing the Quantum Pendant for just a few days, I noticed less pain and fatique. I would recommend the pendant to everyone from all walks of life.

MALEK NOOR (Former World Class Body Builder)

Quantum Pendant is nothing religious. It is given by God to heal you and for your health.

SHALIN ZULKIFLI (World Bowling Champion)

As a full time national athlete and businesswoman, I live a very hectic lifestyle. I have constantly experienced muscle aches, fatigue and high stress situations in my work, and when I'm competing. Since I started wearing the Quantum Pendant, I have increased my stamina and ability to concentrate on my competitive and business commitments. I am certainly more energetic, alert and focused. I even bowled a perfect game (300 games, 12 strikes in a row) after a week. I would stronlgy recommend the pendant to everyone, for if it has helped me, imagine, what it can do for you!

I guess some people find the pendant incredulous because it is simple yet functional. I too was sceptical at first, but the product speaks for itself. I guess the Creator, in His wisdom, has provided for homo sapiens lots of good stuffs ..... all waiting to be explored and discovered. The pendant has been made using Japanese technology. How I wish someone had informed me about scalar energy much earlier, so that I did not have to suffer so much pain for the past couple of years. I guess, everything has its timing, and I am glad Amu has introduced me the Quantum Pendant. I now feel lighter and ten years younger!!

Gan Chau

The Amazing Quantum Pendant

My best friend, Amu, met me for dinner. She wanted to bring me to a posh restaurant to celebrate my birthday. I did not want Amu to spend too much of her hard-earned money and suggested a simple dinner at an Indonesian cafe instead. We enjoyed a set dinner of Bakar Ayam and Bakar Ikan (Indonesian Barbequed Chicken and Fish) at the famous Indonesian Ayam Penyet at Lucky Plaza. Total dinner for three cost only $28.00. Wonderfully delicious!

Amu shared with me about the quantum pendant she was wearing. She told me how the quantum pendant, introduced by her younger sister, Maya, had helped her and the whole family. Maya's husband, who used to tire easily, could now stay up and for the first time in his married life, even volunteered to cook a late dinner for the family. With his renewed energy, he has become less grumpy and more accommodating. Amu also shared that the pendant had removed the pain in her body. I looked at Amu, dumbfounded. "Amu, you sure that is for real. It is not some kind of black magic or charm?" "Choo, I was also very suspicious at first, but it worked."

I had been having so much back pain, and it would always be excruciatingly painful in the morning when I get up. When walking, I have to sit down now and then so as to alleviate the back pain. I guess at $288/- per pendant, I should take the risk. If it works, it would still be more economical than taking all the health tablets which have not helped me much in alleviating my pain.

Maya came to my home to explain more about the pendant. Her manager, Patricia, also explained more about the pendant, and showed me that water could also be put on the pendant to help energise the water. I told Maya I would not promote the pendant until I see the wonderful effects on me, as I would not want any of my friends or clients to waste their money.

The first effect of help from the pendant :- I realised that it had helped to dispel a lot of wind from my stomach. It also helped in bowel movement. However I still had pain when I woke up.
However, I realised that I no longer had leg cramps in the middle of the night.

Yesterday, I woke up at 4.30a.m. as I had gone to bed early the previous night. After writing my blog articles and doing some paper work, I went to show a property. It was going to be a long day, as I had to help out with the Language Evaluation at Chua Chu Kang Toastmasters' Club in the evening. Frankly, I almost regreted having said "yes" to the Vice President for Education, Ang Chew Hoe. It also meant I would have to miss my favourite TV serial at 9.00p.m. A committment is a committment and I was not about to break my own record of not turning up at a meeting as promised. Since it would be my first trip to a new place, I set out early from my office at 5.30p.m. The club is a good 18 mrt stops away from Dhoby Ghaut, and I also had to take a feeder bus to the club. A good one hour and forty minutes journey.!

Soik Ching graciously dropped a visiting toastmaster, Shu Shu, and me at Clementi MRT station after the meeting. We had to change to the North East Line at the Outram Park station. We missed the escalator at the other end, and were confronted with a long flight of stairs. "Never mind, I thought. Just take the stairs." To my own amazement, for the first time, I was running down the flight of stairs! Previously I had often avoided walking down stairs as my knees would hurt, and I would walk down very slowly, step by step.

This morning, when I woke up, my body pain was gone! I felt ten years younger! I told Maya that the moment my pain is alleviated, I would start talking. My tenant, Yi Wei, woke up and I told him about the amazing quantum pendant. He said he would try for he had seen me in pain when I walked down the stairs.

I had consulted many doctors on how to alleviate my pain but all they could tell me was to reduce weight. Going to the acupuncturist or chiropractor would take up too much money and time.

Thanks Amu and Maya for introducing me this wonderful quantum pendant. It is so economical and practical. All I have to do is to wear the pendant and use it to energise my drinking water.

To help readers understand more I have written down some extracts. Readers can look for more information in the internet, For those of you who are keen to try the pendant, you can write to me as well. Ganchau, the busy body, whose philosophy is, "If something is good, it must be shared all round, including the Good News from the Bible." :-)

"FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body's biofield. The Quantum Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body, this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.


1) Reduces inflammation
2) Promotes unclumping of cells
3) Enhances circulation
4) Enhances immune and endocrine systems
5) Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
6) Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
7) Enhances cellular permeability
8) Increases energy
9) Helpts to protect DNA from damage
10) Helps to retard the ageing process
11) Helps to fight cancer cells
12) Strengthens the body's biofield preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one's health
13) Better focus and concentration

CHEERS to great health and renewed energy and vitality!

Gan Chau

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funny how......

Funny how......

1) Some people cannot stand the heat and humidity in Singapore, and must turn on the airconditioning almost 24 hours a day; yet they cannot shower with cold water. They must always take warm or hot showers.!

2) Couples who had been so in love once and could not do without seeing each other for one day, could end up hating each other to the core, and would be happier not to see each other for the rest of their lives.

3) People would often not say nice things about others, yet at funeral wakes, only bouquets are being mentioned about the person in the coffin. This is why I like going to funeral wakes. Let us treat one another as if it were our last day on earth! Let the fragrance of bouquets constantly fill the air!

4) Some people would go to great pains to keep their homes clean, but would not bat an eyelid
about dirtying public toilets or littering in public places!

5) Some people would not bat an eyelid blessing others generously, but are so amazingly frugal on themselves. Classic examples are my beloved papa and my late benefactor, Mr. Lim Cheng Ean.

6) Some people still feel they are poor, despite having millions in the bank. Is this what some wise people call the spirit of poverty?

7) Some rich kids in Singapore come to school, chauffeur-driven in luxury cars, but look as if their world is coming to an end. Yet in Nepal, Sabah, India, Indonesia, etc. we read of kids cheerfully walking and romping for miles to school.

8) Some people who are usually patient can be so terribly impatient behind their wheels?

9) Someone like me who was born in the tropics could take the cold like a duck to water; while another born in Canada still could not withstand the cold despite decades of wintry days and nights.

10) Homo sapiens tend to forget all the nine good things someone has done for them, but remember that one failure by the same person.

11) A wonderful father and husband, could end up being convicted as a molester or rapist!

11) The great Creator has so much patience with His homo sapiens with the above imperfection and idiosyncracies!

Ah! Let us be patient and accepting of one another, for God has not finished with you and me yet. As long as there is breath and life, there is still hope ....

Gan Chau


For the past meetings, at almost every toastmaster club, members are asked to share their new year resolution.

I have never been successful with my resolution to lose weight all these years. Recently, with the sudden deaths of so many a young person in Singapore, it made me realise that perhaps I should come up with this resolution. The latest passing away of Jimmy Nah, TV comedien and Radio personality, made me realise the importance of making this resolution.

Since young, I have never been particularly neat or tidy. Yes, I will constantly sweep, dust, mop and even wash the floors but somehow, I have never been able to keep things in their proper place. Soon after tidying up, I will get messy again. ! Sigh! Yet, miraculously, there is organisation within my mess.! Somehow, I would still be able to find all my things, as compared to some of my neater friends, who keep losing and misplacing their possessions!!

Fit and healthy young men have just passed away unexpectedly. Someone like me who has passed half a century would not be spared either. Hence, I thought it is very important that I keep everything nice and neat everyday. I do not wish my relatives to be confronted with an apartment full of mess. I must update my will, write down where I put the important things, etc. Eldest sis and Second brother have insisted on having the telephone numbers of my good friends, Soh Wah and Amu. Soh Wah has told me that she reads my blog almost every day, and if she does not see my blog for a few days, she must call me up to make sure I am still in one piece!! My good neighbour, Irin, also checks on me now and then. Even her two lovely dogs, Bobby and Kenneth would run to my apartment after their daily walk.!

That's it! My resolution for 2008 till the next few years, is to keep the home neat and tidy everyday, and to live as if each day is my last day on earth!!

Gan Chau

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Sometimes I marvel at the fortitude of my beloved papa and all the wonderful papas in the world. It is amazing how single-handedly these fathers could raise a family of six to ten children!!

Although we were poor, we never felt the pangs of poverty or unhappiness and depression that are often associated with the word, "poor". In fact, I felt quite rich, with the village as my huge playground. We used to play "robbers and policemen" and we would be running all over the village to escape the "policemen". Once caught, we would have our face drawn and painted with black ink! The coconut, guava, and rambutan trees would be our toys where we could climb up and my brother once even hung a swing over the thick branch of the guava tree. We were too poor to afford expensive ready made toys and came up with our own toys made from left over cloths, damaged utensils and appliances, renovation left overs and debris, etc.

We did not live in a condo with swimming pool and other facilities, but we had a great time swimming in the sea and playing in the river. It was just sheer exhilaration when we were able to catch some fish, crabs and mussels. The children in the village used the empty space in front of a Chinese Temple to play badminton, sepak takraw and volleyball. I am ahem.... quite skilful in table tennis.......trained from playing on a smaller-than-usual broken down table which used to be my uncle's wooden bed!

Papa wanted his children to learn music. Apart from the two violins, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and er-hu we had in the house, he decided to get an old piano for my sister and me. We were so thrilled when a very old piano with jaded yellow keys was delivered. Sister Ean Ean hoarded the piano the whole day, tinkering at it and playing by ear.

I love my parents so much that I could not wait to complete my studies so that I could have the chance to pamper them with my salary. Alas, papa passed away before I could even start work!
However, I was glad I was able to use my saved-up pocket money to pamper him with gifts now and then. Papa was truly fore-sighted when he said, "A father can raise up 10 children; but sometimes 10 children could not even look after one father!" How true!

It is indeed sad to see so many siblings fighting with one another and shoving the care of their parents to each other! Every sibling claimed to be too busy or too poor to look after their parents and hence the ideal solution would be to put them in old folks' homes. I guess, it is quite understandable if the parents are put in nursing homes so that professional nursing care can be rendered to the sickly parents.

Maybe, as we become more progressive with the advent of more discoveries and things to make life more comfortable, we have also become softer and weaker in physical and mental fortitude.
Walking one mrt stop seems too far; climbing up 4 storeys seems too tedious, looking after our parents seems too troublesome; multi tasking seems too cumbersome; etc.

At our previous National Day Parade celebrations, our ministers who had seen the gradual progress of Singapore, reminded us to always remember our humble roots and how we started, when the opening of a match factory was the highlight of the day and called for a huge celebration. Hence, if you do hear a youngster saying, "Aiya, National Day Celebration. Every year the boring", take the youngster aside, and tell him about the fortitude of his ancestors.

Gan Chau

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas Party

The sumptuous food cooked by Maya
Amu's eldest niece, Abigail, chatting with a guest
Amu's relatives enjoying Maya's home cooked food
Amu (on left) with nephew Amos and Sister Maya. Both
sisters like my presents nicely bundled up with see through wrappers.

It would be Amu's final Christmas in her current flat at Redhill Estate. Amu wants to cash in on the good price and move to a smaller apartment. Her sister, Maya, decided that it would be a good idea to host their family Christmas party at Amu's apartment.

The two sisters and all their relatives were gathered together. Some good friends, like myself, were also invited. Maya is an excellent cook. She was delighted that I enjoyed her food for my Indian friends all know that I do not really take to Indian cuisine. Maya makes excellent Briyani.
We had a great time, and I learnt a few more words in Tamil.

Gan Chau
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Death has no sting!

One day, I was pleasantly surprised when one of our staff handed me a huge photo of myself. The photo is an enlargment of my passport photo which has been submitted to my company. Dr. Dennis Wee has enlarged the photos of all the top agents because these enlarged photos would be placed on the walls of our company.

I smiled and jokingly told my colleagues that the enlarged photo would come in handy for my funeral hearse. "Yee! Choi! Choi! You're so morbid, Choo", exclaimed Mary, our company's comedienne. Anyone could see that Mary was suppressing a smile. "Mary, death is real, and to me there's nothing morbid to talk about going six feet under. By the way, if you guys ever come to my wake, please do not cry and mourn for me, ok. Please come, dressed in purple, pink or yellow. As a Christian, death has no sting!" I continued.

I must admit that the only time I feared death was when I had my parents and three beloved dogs, Kamlette, Kambobo and Kam Xiao Bai with me. I was worried that if I should be called home, then who would look after them. Now that my parents and three pets have passed away, I no longer worry about leaving this world. I need not have to worry about my wonderful older siblings, for they have their filial children to look after them. Hence, I can understand why parents with children will want to remain with their children for as long as possible and vice versa.

I am amazed to have survived 54 years and 25 days on earth. 19,749 days of ups and downs, failures and successes, sickness and health, surprises and disappointments, happiness and depression, richness and poverty, and excitement and boredom!

All these years, I have lived with my two palms wide open. God can place anything in my palms - money, family members, friends and colleagues, dogs, material possessions, etc. He can also take them away any time He wants. I will never clamp my fists and claim everything for nothing belongs to me.

Some 12 years ago, when I was in Melbourne, I heard the lay pastor, Ang Woo York, preaching.
He said, "Christians want to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die". Brace up, Christians, make the utmost use of our time here, but celebrate when we are called home for indeed, death should have no sting for whose who trust in their Maker.

Gan Chau

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Tale of Three Tails

Kachang, the lovely brown poodle
Puteh, the most reserved among the three dogs.
Mo Mo, the winsome Shih Tzu puppy
Our President, Dr. Dennis Wee, invited my colleagues and I to his lovely bungalow in the East for a New Year Eve Christmas party. I missed the previous year party as I was in Taiwan.

The food was great. There were a number of food caterers, each with their own specialty. I was interested in watching a movie in Dr. Wee's home theatre. Most of the guests were happier eating and drinking by the poolside, while some crooned away by the karaoke sets.

I was also particularly interested in Dr. Wee's three dogs, Kachang, Puteh and Mo Mo. Kachang, the brown poodle is really cute. At first I thought he was some kind of stuffed toy! I did not realise that Puteh is not too friendly; yet he took to my stroking his head and carrying him. I guess, he could sense that I am a dog lover. The cutest of all is Mo Mo, because she is very gentle and winsome. She likes to be cuddled mainly because she is still a young puppy of eight months.

Dogs make my day. The three tails certainly made my evening very enjoyable and worth narrating as a tale.

May God bless Dr. Wee's three lovely dogs.

Gan Chau
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I Just Can't Wait To Be A ........

Senior Citizen! The dreaded words for some.....but for me, like music to my ears!

Why? At the magic number of 55, a person becomes specially pampered by many an organisation in Singapore! Senior citizens get special discounts for many of the shows at the Esplanade. The other day I was browsing through the catalogue of forthcoming concert programmes, and looked longingly at the words, "Special discounts for students and senior citizens". In Malaysia, a senior citizen gets huge rebates for airline tickets with Malaysian Airways System, and my friends in Australia get many perks for having greyer hairs on their heads.

I must say that now, I am a lot happier, contented and more peaceful than when I was younger. The most trying time for me was when I was a teenager. I had so many questions and so few answers. I was often bewildered and had many questions to which I had so few answers. Why? Why? Why?

This is probably why when I became a teacher, I was able to understand the adolescents in my class. I could identify with their perplexities, confusion, rebellion, etc. as they searched for understanding and meaning in life. I related very well with the students, for I was once a teenager too.

I am glad that as I go through the journey of life, I begin to understand and with understanding comes acceptance, and with acceptance comes peace and contentment. I guess that is why Allen William White had said, "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today".

One day, our Company's President, Dr. Dennis Wee, in his usual cordial way, hollered to me when he saw me in the company, "Choo Choo, now you are a millionaire". "No, Dr. Wee, I am only a quarter air". Dr. Wee laughed. I am now quite well known in the company as a humourist, having won the Humorous Speech Contest in our Toastmasters' Area U3 Contest. I guess with a flat that has been fully paid up and worth about $300,000/-, it qualifies me to be a "quarter air". More importantly a happy "quarter air".

I am not one of those who likes to hoard a lot. Since young, I have always been one who prefers to release whatever little I can afford to release. Even as a student in Canada, some people thought I was the daughter of a millionaire! Yet interestingly, even as I empty my pockets, God has always filled them up! Like the Sea of Galilea, I remain fresh and sufficient with fishes even as I release the water. I do not wish to become like the Dead Sea which does not release water and hence remains really dead, because nothing can grow and thrive.

The government has advocated companies to employ senior citizens. I guess for me I will always continue to be work till I go six feet under for inactivity makes me sick. I thank God for my versatility in being able to handle different types of work....teaching, cooking, selling, writing, cleaning, etc. Work is never mundane or seems like work when one enjoys what one is doing. Sometimes, I toy with the idea that when I really retire from my real estate work, it would be fun to try out different things, eg. be a cook for 6 months; a cashier at a supermarket for 6 months, a parking attendant for 6 months, a cleaner for 6 months, an administrative officer for 6 months, a tour guide for 6 months, a lecturer overseas for 6 months and a missionary for 6 months, etc.

I have often told my nieces and nephews that I do not like to give them fish but would teach them to fish instead. Hence, I would not be able to be like the late Nina Wang, leaving behind billions of dollars. Instead, I would be leaving behind billions of words. My nieces, Yann and Tyng, often complain that their parents do not tell them much of history or what had taken place during their younger days. Yann and Tyng are glad that their Aunty Choo's blog can be passed on to their children and grandchildren. Blessed with an elephant memory, I still can remember all the things that my beloved papa had shared with me and I have written them in my blog. What a rich legacy!

Time is my most precious commodity. All these years, I would never spend any time lining up for freebies given by magazines or newspapers. Or lining up when Sim Wong Hoo generously bought up all the goods from Nanz Chong and offered them to the public to pay at any amount they wished. Getting the freebies and goods at discounted price do not make me richer. An ounce of gold cannot buy me even one minute of precious time!

Ah! 11 months and 7 days more to go before I turn 55 on 12 December 2008 and earn the coveted title of "SENIOR CITIZEN"!

Gan Chau

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Fireplace in Canada or Singapore?

Guess where the above fireplace is located? In a home in Singapore
or Canada?

I was thrilled when I saw the above fireplace at Melinda's lovely semi detached home in Serangoon Gardens!

Melinda, a client, wanted me to help market her apartment. Since she also has two lovely dogs, I wanted to meet her at her home to see her dogs as well. I was thrilled when I saw the fireplace. It brought back floodgates of sweet memories of my student days in Canada.

I have always loved winter. Somehow it all seems so warm and beautiful when everyone is gathered around a fireplace. The cracking of woods as they slowly burn in the fireplace is very reassuring and comforting. I have just received a very rare email from the Dunlaps, a Canadian couple I am extremely fond of. They are now in their late eighties. The Dunlap's email made me go over the moon!

Sometimes, Canadians complain of the cold winter. I guess I must be a rare specie because I enjoy winter so much. I enjoyed walking to the supermarket to get my groceries. After the 20 minutes walk, I would come back and find two "rosy apples" - cheeks turned red because of the cold. It would take a little while to "thaw" the cheeks before I could speak again!

Sometimes, I wonder why I end up in tropical Singapore when I should have been better off in cold Canada. I have taken to the cold like a duck to water. After 24 years in Singapore, I have still not acclimatized to the heat and humidity here!

Whatever it is, I still thank God for everything, remembering that man proposes; God disposes. My happiness is not dependent on the country I live in; it is all in the mind. My adaptability is very important. I remember that when I was stuyding in Canada, many people thought I was a Canadian; now people here often think I was born in Singapore! Adaptability! That's it!

Many challenges lie ahead. If God wants me to give up everything here and be a teacher/missionary in another country I am also ready. "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today". ( Quote by Allen William White).

Gan Chau

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