Friday, January 25, 2008

"You're Not Even Panting!"

After the toastmasters' meeting at StatsChipPac at about 8p.m. I wanted to rush because of my favourite 9p.m. TV serial, A Taste of Love. I am watching this serial because some of my favourite actors and actresses are in this production. I hardly watch TV but when I follow a serial, I try not to miss any program if I can help it.

Just when I was nearing the bus stop, bus No. 70 arrived. I sprinted and ran with all my might, as the next bus would come by in another 15 to 20 minutes. When I got into the bus, I thanked the bus driver and was surprised that the two gentlemen who had also run ahead of me, were panting furiously. When they recovered sufficiently, one of the said to me, "Aunty, you ran so fast and you are not even panting!" Whereupon I smiled.

The amazing quantum pendant has really restored my energy. Now I have the confidence to participate in the forthcoming 10 km run. Due to my backaches, I had stopped participating in all these runs. What a joy to be able to run, and feel the wind on my face again!

I will also be cooking curry chicken for our forthcoming toastmasters' meeting on Monday. I had stopped cooking for a few months because of my excruciating back pain. I had to sit down every few minutes. I turned down teaching part time because of backaches. Whenever I teach, I would prefer to stand so that my students can see me and hence pay more attention. Now I may consider teaching part time again.

I have not experienced such a tremendous sense of well being! Thanks to the quantum science pendant, I am now able to run around like I used to.

Gan Chau

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