Monday, January 15, 2007

An Embarrassing Incident

Many of us have memorable incidents which can never be erased from our minds because of their humorous, poignant or embarrassing threads.

As usual, with my well-fed look, I was put in charge of the high tea which would be served on our Sports Day. The event was to be held in the Stadium of Singapore Polytechnic, a stone's throw away from our school, ACS. I decided that after school, instead of driving, I would force myself to walk to the Polytechnic, to study the layout and availability of chairs and tables. On my way, I met a lovely English lady walking her Great Dane. After patting the handsome Great Dane, I asked her if she was going to the vet at Goodwood Road. She nodded her head. Finding her so amiable, I was emboldened to suggest that she should visit the second veterinary down Goodwood Road, as the first one charged a much higher fee. She suddenly burst out laughing, and said, "I am a vet, working at the first Veterinary."

My face turned beetroot! I wished the earth would open up and swallow me in.
I wonder if the lady veterinarian had gone around telling her friends about this incident ? My second sister chided me for being a kaypo (busybody) and warned that one of these days I would get into hot soup.

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afrobev said...

Awww that's not too bad. How were you supposed to know Choo?