Thursday, December 10, 2009

Everyone says I should watch this U-tube video, but .....

Gosh, I must have received numerous emails from friends and even strangers, telling me that I should watch this U-tube video. I have tried to click it, but I always cannot see anything. Hence now when I receive a mail with this title as a subject.
I will just delete it.

I am still playing trial and error with my computer. I have picked up some computer knowledge from friends, relatives and colleagues, here and there. If I were lucky, I did things right, but if I were not so lucky, things did not work out! Sigh!

Nevertheless, I love the computer, and now cannot live without it! I enjoy emailing without having to go to the post office to buy stamps to send my letters. I enjoying finding out facts and information by googling. Hence, it means I don't have to buy so many books or magazines.! I also enjoy listening to music and songs on u-tube, and watch video tapes of movies with the computer. I do not like chatting on the net though, because I think and write very fast, and hence am not so patient with this media of communication. Worse if we can see each other through the camera, because I am always dressed in pyjamas whenever I am at home, and I would have to dress up if I were to chat.

My siblings often phone me from overseas, and I wish they could write me emails or chat on the computer. As my ears are prone to pain and problems, I would prefer to write than to speak on the phone. Morever, emails don't cost a cent and phone charges, though cheaper now, still cost money! I also yearn for my siblings, especially, 2nd brother Kee Seng, to read my blog articles. Whenever I go back to Penang, I try to print out some of my articles for him to read, but I have over 1,300 articles now!

Recently, my tenant, Jasmin, taught me how to use internet banking on the computer.

I would encourage everyone, especially, elderly folks to learn to use the computer.
Try to gradually overcome your phobia. If Choo can handle it, so can you!

Gan Chau

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