Monday, December 14, 2009

What a Display of Barbie's Clothes!





After lunch with Ning, I was walking to the City Hall Mrt station, when I passed by some eye-catching exhibits!
Wow! What a lovely display of Barbie's clothes.! The exact clothes worn by Barbie were enlarged and worn by mannequins!

There was also a huge model of Barbie's three-storey home and Barbie's airplane. Indeed, kids of today are really very fortunate.

During our childhood, we made our own little dolls. The most simple ones would be made of cloths. The more fanciful ones would have faces made from coconut shells, sea shells, rafia strings, etc. We never bothered our parents to buy us expensive toys. Though we did not have dolls as beautiful as Barbie, nevertheless we had a very wonderful imagination, and our imagination was made even more fertile because we had to be resourceful to find our own fertilisers!

I like to admire dolls in shopping malls, but strangely, now I do not like to have any dolls in my home. Maybe it was after watching some horror films concerning dolls, that I began to dislike having figurines in the home, no matter how attractive they look.

Gan Chau

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