Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A simple poem ......

I always like to wish my friends and associates a roaring good day!
Not just a good day, but one that roars! Subconsciously in my mind,
I am thinking of the lion, being an animal lover and a fan of Animal
Planet and National Geographic. Hence, I have written this simple poem
which I will share with my readers.


Let us have a roaring good day,
because we are Singa - poreans!
Happiness is a decision,
A happy life is our mission!

Come, what may,
We will enjoy each day,
Whether it rains or shines,
It's all in our minds!

Before we complain we have no shoes,
Let's remember the men with no feet!
Let's count our blessings, name them one by one,
Let's fill our life with great joy and fun!

Never too busy to help and care,
Never too poor to give and share!
We will laugh, and we will roar!
because we are Singa - poreans!

It is my prayer that we will all be able to find happiness in simple things and become known as people with joy and laughter. We will no longer be known as people who are full of the five "K"s - kiasu, (afraid to lose), kiasi (afraid to die), kia tia (afraid of pain), kia bo lui (afraid of poverty), kia cheng hu (afraid of government). Let us learn to speak what is really in our heart, instead of speaking behind the back of our associates and government. Let us learn to speak up on issues that bother us, believing that the government will entertain our thoughts and opinions. Let us dispel the German writer's view that Singaporeans complain a lot about the government, yet each time, they vote the same government back to power.!

Do you realise that there are many, many people who are rich, yet feel they are poor? These people have the spirit of poverty, and they cling tightly to their possessions, forgetting that they cannot carry them when they leave the world.!
Let us be happy people who give and not hoard; let us share our knowledge and possessions, and rejoice when someone more deserving than us wins a prize or begins to shine.

Happiness is in our mind, and no one can rob it from us, when it is deeply etched in our cells! Let us increase not only our economic index, but our happiness index too!

Gan Chau

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