Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Happiness is .....(22)


Can you spot the flower that looks like a bird?

The "tail" of the bird has bloomed into a bushy strand of white "feathers"!

Unique creation of the awesome Creator!
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What a pleasant surprise I had.! Irin came over to check that I was in my apartment, and she excitedly brought me a pot of flowers as a gift. She pointed out to the little birdlike flowers on the plants. Irin had also put a little nest of 2 birds on the plants. She told me that the vendor had instructed that the plants need little water but lots of sunlight.

Irin had given me two pots of plants before - a dongdong fruit plant and a chilli plant three years ago. Happiness is when someone goes the extra mile to give you something she knows you will definitely like. I took the opportunity to share with Irin the awesomeness of God. It is just a little flower, and yet the Creator has taken the trouble to make it so uniquely beautiful! It is easier to believe that all the wonderful things in this world are made by one omnipotent and omnipresent Creator who loves us enough to create a lovely world for us to enjoy. Yet so many people are caught up with the rat race that they have no time to smell the flowers! Ironically some have worked extremely hard to build themselves big houses where the maids are the ones who are actually enjoying their lovely stay and work in the houses. We rush and rush everyday, with little time to reflect and ponder.

The flowers are almost the same colour as the leaves. They would be even more conspicuous if the flowers are red or yellow in colour. I guess, the Creator wants the flowers to be camouflaged, for they would not have the chance to bloom if they are too conspicuous. Other reptiles, insects or birds might think they are really little birds and eat them up!

My neighbours Helen and her daughter, Joanne, also love the plants and show their friends the unique flowers when they come avisiting.

I feel happy, contented and peaceful just by looking at the unique and unusual flowers.

Gan Chau

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