Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happiness is ......(24)


Geok Cheng enjoying Dr. Clive's piano solo.

A pleasant surprise from my ex-student from River Valley High School, lawyer Alyssa Lee, who sent me a basket of flowers with chocolates for my birthday and Christmas celebration.

My first time at Subway with Dr. Clive and Geok Cheng who was the lady with the camera!

Geok Cheng's gift of a pot of lovely plants grown by her!

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It has been a long time since I have friends a-visiting my home for a time of
music entertainment. Geok Cheng has always been asking me to play the violin for her, but I told her she would enjoy herself more if I could have someone accompanying me on the piano. Hence, I invited my ex-lecturer from the Institute of Education, Dr. Clive S., to play the piano. I mailed him the music for the piano accompaniment about three weeks before our meeting.

Wow Dr. Clive played so well.! Now that he has retired, he has more time to play the piano. Geok Cheng also enjoyed discussing with him on many issues pertaining to education since she is also with the Ministry of Education, and is currently lecturing part time. I enjoyed listening to the animated exchange between the two exuberant and learned guests.

I had a pleasant surprise, when a florist came a-knocking with a basket of flowers and chocolates from my ex-student, Alyssa, who wished me a belated happy birthday and good tidings for Christmas and New Year. Alyssa is currently practising law,
and runs her own law firm.

Geok Cheng had brought with her a lovely pot of plants which she had grown. Dr. Clive was surprised that I have so many plants growing along the wide corridor. I told him that my neighbour, Irin, only enjoys keeping dogs, and hence has also given me her corridor space to grow my plants and flowers. Aunty Helen, who lives two apartments away on the same level, had mentioned that if she were my immediate neighbour on my right, she too would give me her space as she loves flowers but has no time for gardening. I guess when I have run out of space, I will grow plants along Aunty Helen's apartment too. After all, most of the plants I grow are herbs, and neighbours can help themselves to the herbs when necessary.

I had wanted to take my guests for lunch at Lerk Thai, but Dr. Clive was afraid that
the food would be too spicy for him. Hence, we decided to have some sandwiches at Subway. I had often seen our current District 80 Governor, DTM Edward Ma, having Subway sandwiches whenever he attended meetings in the evenings, but I had never tried food from Subway before, but I reckoned they must be good to have survived so long in business. Hence I told Geok Cheng, I was game to try sandwiches from Subway. To our pleasant surprise, Subway was having a one-day promotion - buy one get one free! Hence, I was able to take home the extra packet of sandwiches to share with a neighbour in my block.

Wow! The food was delicious.! Geok Cheng and I specially love Subway's signature bread! I am sure, I will visit Subway again in future.....especially when it is having a promotion!

At about five in the evening, I decided to walk to Beach Road to collect my bus ticket to Penang. It was cool and windy and I enjoyed observing the office workers as they made their way home. As the traffic looked somewhat heavy, I decided to walk back instead of taking the bus or taxi. What a great way to exercise! In all, it had taken me an hour of brisk walking! I had walked very fast because I wanted to be on time to watch my favourite Korean serial, "Cruel Temptation" on television.

In the late evening, I was watering my plants when Aunty Helen returned from work.
She gave me a bunch of delicious grapes. They came in handy as I had not bothered to take dinner, especially when I had a heavy lunch in the day. Just two days ago, Irin had come a-knocking and she gave me three lovely housecoats for my birthday. Irin told me she had been looking for me the past three days but I had been out most of the times, and hence she had to wish me a belated birthday!

What a great and happy day.! I have learnt that happiness can be found in even seemingly mundane activities as eating sandwiches with friends who are of the same hearts and minds. Happiness can also be found in walking along the roads, and observing the different models of cars on the roads, and wondering how blessed we are in Singapore. Happiness is enjoying succulent grapes even if you are eating them alone, because happiness is in the mind, and comes from enjoying the perfect peace that God has given you, and knowing that He cares for you by giving you wonderful friends.

Gan Chau

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