Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Determination, Desire and Faith....

Of late, my computer has been "ailing". At the bottom of the computer would appear lines in pink and green, definitely the same symptoms of sickness that I had witnessed in my previous computer.

This morning, to my dismay, it really "died". Half way, it refused to function and I had no alternative but to let the battery be drained off, and the computer shut itself automatically.
I tried a second time, and the same thing happened.

Wow, should I go to the internet cafe near my apartment? Or should I send my computer for repair.? But whoever handles the repair would have immediate access to my email, because I have put automatic login. I decided I would call up my colleague, Jack, to ask how I should go about sending the computer for repair.

I would not want to use my office computers, for they are meant for real estate work and not for personal use.

This evening, I thought I would try one more time to revive the computer. I prayed very hard that this time it would really work, and after a while, hip hip hooray, the computer worked! Thanks be to God for answering my prayers. !

Best of all, the greenish, pinkish lines had also disappeared, and my computer had been completely resurrected! Please don't ask me how; electronical gadgets are often beyond my comprehension. Just know that determination, desire and faith are the key factors to putting the computer into operation again.

My heart is full of gratitude even as I am typing this article. I feel so loved and
cared for. If God were interested in my computer, surely He would be very interested in my whole life and well being. He would be interested in my career, my health and
my purpose and desires. What a wonderful God we have!

Gan Cao

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