Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great photography


A Palestinian woman reads from the Quran as the moon shines during the Muslim
holy month of Ramadan in the West bank city of Nablus by Nasser Ishtayeh

Flamingoes during sunrise at the Fuente de Piedra Natural Reserve near Malaga
in Spain


Glowing jellies


The full moon in its beauty and splendour!

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I always admire great photography. The above pictures are examples of what I mean by pictures that have excellently shot.

When I see photographers going around with their huge and complex cameras, I know the photos that are shot will be always above average. Complex gadgets confound me so that I have to contend with a small, simple digital camera that is light enough for me to carry, in case I see something interesting.

Kudos to the photographers of the above pictures. Well done!

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