Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happiness is ......(45)


Slim and elegant dancers from China

Huge, colorful and lighted lanterns make Clarke Quay look like a fairyland!

Amu, enjoying herself by the river at our favourite haunt
Young dancers from different schools in Singapore, proudly presenting their
excellent performance

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I had not seen my best friend, Amu, for quite sometime, because we both had been busy. I had also been travelling quite often, and hence I called Amu to ask if we could meet at Clarke Quay for our favourite haunt would be abuzz with stage performances and colorful lanterns.

We spent the earlier part of the evening with some home-brewed beer at the famous Red Dot at Boat Quay. We were glad to find some seating spots on the steps along Clarke Quay and enjoyed the dances and songs.

It was interesting to observe the young students from different schools getting ready for their dance. I could see the proud yet anxious looks of the students' relatives as they observed the dancers executing some intricate steps. Kudos!

I love living in a cosmopolitan country like Singapore where there are so many different races, and we can celebrate so many different festivals. We are indeed such a colorful nation!

Gan Cao

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