Monday, September 27, 2010

Happiness is .....(46)

The thermometer has been constantly showing a reading of 25 deg. Celcius
these past two months.

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Of late, when it is rainy and cloudy, the temperature drops to 25 deg. C. On such days, the weather is just fantastic, like natural airconditioning.

On such days, I enjoy reading outside of my flat, basking for hours on my favourite chair, enjoying the breeze. I also enjoy taking long walks. If I happen to be in Orchard Road or Chinatown, then I will walk back home instead of taking the train.

If only the temperature constantly hovers around 25 deg.C, why, Singapore would be
an almost perfect country to live in. Yet it is only when we experience great heat do we truly appreciate coolness. Funny how Canadians would constantly complain about the cold winter, while those of us in the tropics who have never yet seen snow, yearn to feel the soft, powdery cool stuff in our hands. Funny how we who constantly have the sun, would often arm ourselves with umbrellas against the scorching sun! Recently in Barcelona, I carried my umbrella, even though I looked freakish with one.! My skin has thickened during these 57 years on earth, and I have learnt to be "bohemian" when I need to be!

Usually November, December and January are cooler months in Singapore. However of late, the weather has gone a little berserk, and throughout the world, unexpected changes of weather have been experienced. I remember once while we were on a French Immersion program in Quebec, we woke up to find snow on the ground in summer! We sang "Jingle Bells" like as if Santa Claus were just around the corner! However, I was sad to see the flowers and vegetables dying a premature death!

I wonder if we would ever see snow one day in Singapore? Until that happens, happiness is enjoying 25 deg. C temperature at the moment, and basking in the coolness around!

Gan Cao

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