Monday, November 08, 2010

Foreign Workers Should Be Banned From the Casinos

I read with dismay of many foreign workers trying their luck at the casinos. It is sad to think that their hard earned money would be wiped out at the gambling tables or through the jackpot machines, for the chances of losing are far greater than the chances of winning.

So many of the foreign workers have left their home countries to come to Singapore to earn a living. They will send back portions of their earnings back to their family members and some still have debts to pay. Some have borrowed heavily from family members and friends to come to Singapore. It is unthinkable that because of their penchant for gambling, they would lose their focus which is to earn as much money as they can, so that with their savings, they can return to their countries to start a small business or build their dream home.

It is quite alright if the foreign workers spend a little money to try their luck on Toto, 4D or the Singapore Sweep. I heard that one foreign worker won the first prize in a Toto draw, and he had only spent $1.00 buying Toto. I believe that if a person is lucky enough, even with one ticket, he may have the good fortune to strike a prize.

Some of the foreign workers work at construction sites under the hot blazing sun. It is sheer, hard work. Why let the slots in the jackpot machines devour your hard earned money? For those who are gradually getting addicted, flee for your life, before you become slaves to gambling addiction. While the rich could afford to lose thosands if not millions, the foreign workers just cannot afford to lose any money.

I have never been inside the two casinos in Singapore, and I don't think I will ever pay the levy of $100. I still believe in sheer hard work and wise investments. I will never let Lady Luck play a role in my acquisition of wealth, for Lady Luck will allow me to win a Mercedes, but lose a bungalow if I do not flee fast enough.

Gan Cao

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