Monday, November 01, 2010

Hey! Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods.....

The other day I was taking a ride from Outram Road MRT station to Clementi. I could not help smiling when I heard a young couple's conversation. The lady looked like she was an expectant mother.

Wife: Honey, when our son is born, I want to name him Lee Wood Wood.

Husband: Yucks, such a funny name. Wood - Char tow! (Hokkien for wood). I prefer Lee Bao Bao or Lee Kim Kim, or even Lee Tang Tang.

Wife: Didn't you notice that the world's top golf players have a "Wood" in their names eg. Tiger Woods and Lee Westwood. Hope our son can grow up to be the best golf player in Asia if not in the world.

I smiled as I realised how anxious parents are for their little ones, even when they
are still foetuses in their mothers' wombs! The couple must be golf enthusiasts, and perhaps even as they watch golf games on television or play golf on the undulating fields of green, somehow the foetus in the womb would also be affected.

I know of a friend who shared that she tried to listen to more classical music in the hope that her baby would turn out to be musical. I guess she was right because her daughter now excels in her piano playing!

With competition getting stronger in every field of specialisation, I guess parents are now not resting on their laurels which probably explain why preschoolers are even receiving tuition in languages, art, music, etc.

I guess mothers are now no longer singing,

"Hey, Sarah, Sarah,
whatever will be, will be.
The future's not ours to see,
Hey, Sarah, Sarah.

But mothers and fathers are now taking their offsprings' childhood and adolescence
in their stride to ensure a bright future for their children. :-)

Gan Cao

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