Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home - Houses below US$100,000/-!




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I saw pictures of the above houses in various towns in America and they are all going
for less than US$100,000/-. The houses remind me of my student days in Canada. I just love the houses because they are cosy, homely and comfortable. The Canadians are very adept at decorating their homes. I enjoyed my part time work as a cleaner
when I was studying in Edmonton. I loved the different homes I was sent to.

I guess many of us will envy the Americans for their lovely and cheaper homes. Now, with US$100,000/- we cannot even buy a 3 room HDB flat! Apartments in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller and we call them shoebox apartments. Measuring some 330 to 500 sq. ft. whoever lives in these apartments must be adept at maximising the space. Of course the best is that little time is needed to clean these smaller dwelling places.

I guess at the end of the day, feelings of home sweet home will arise from how comfortable and happy we are. Frankly I would prefer to live in Singapore, as the island is small and more compact, and it is easier to zoom around in the mrt, bus, or taxis. Where the distance is less than 2 km, I will usually walk instead, if I am not in a hurry or am not carrying a heavy bag.

For those of us, who would like a little more space at times, travelling overseas during vacation is a good option. Next December, I will fly to Edmonton to visit my friends, Mary and Ryan.

In conclusion, it does not really matter where we live. Most important is how happy and at ease we feel. Remember that someone had mentioned in the Book of Proverbs,
"I'd rather eat a piece of dry bread in the stable than feast in a mansion with a nagging wife. I remember how I was so happy growing up in Jelutong village in Penang. Though our attap house was not a grand one, I was extremely joyful staying with my wonderful family members. Sometimes when it rained, the rainwater would seep through the old attap roofs, and we would scramble to get pails to catch the water. When the ground was flooded, we would make paper boats to sail on the water. Papa and Mama were always so hospitable, and we often had guests at home for lunch or tea.

Let us all make our homes sweet and happy. It is the people in the home that are more important than bricks and mortars. Let us be hospitable and share with others our home, no matter how small or big. Home is truly where the heart is.

Gan Cao

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