Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My Favourite Advertisements.....




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Whenever I watch my favourite television programs, I would try to make use of the advertisement segments to read, or take a coffee or toilet break. However, when the Odourless Nippon Paint advertisement is on, I would watch it for it is my favourite.

I always smile when I watch the pug dancing in unison with the Samurai painter. In general I like advertisements with music and animals in them. I also like the Tomato Catchup advertisement where a white duck catches a piece of French fry in its mouth and walks towards a little boy holding some tomato ketchup sauce in his hand as he eats his fries. The little boy's eyes grow bigger and rounder as the duck approaches him and dips its French fry into the tomato sauce.

The Media Corp needs advertisements to run its programs. How wonderful it would be
if all advertisements are tasteful, unique and interesting. But sad to say, some are absolutely boring and I think you know the ones I am referring to.

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