Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Excuse Me, Are You A Property Agent?....(26)

I was anxious to get my client, Geok Sim's lovely unit in Little India tenanted out before I fly to London in a few days' time. Hence, when an agent wanted to bring his client, I readily obliged and told him I would show the unit after my violin lessons at Braddell Heights Community Centre. However, I reminded him to be punctual because I had many, many things to do.

I received an sms from the cobroking agent, Balan, from DTZ, asking if he should park his car inside or outisde of the condominium. I replied, "I will see if I can find the dustpan to open the gate."

I had expected Balan to be somewhat flabbergasted when he replied, "I can't believe what you have just said. Am waiting for my client at MRT station."

I was happy to find the metallic dustpan near the rubbish bin and I practised opening the gate with it. I sent an sms to Balan, "By golly it works! When you are here, give me a ring and I will open the gate for you. I had seen someone opening the gate this way, and I'm just a copy meow".

Balan's client was a pleasant expatriate from India. As usual, when I am dealing with Indian clients I like to say some words to them in Hindi or Tamil to break the ice. And as usual, they were often pleasantly surprised that a Chinese would bother to learn to speak their languages. Earlier, another client who had lived in Europe for a few years was quite linguistic, and he ended up conversing with me in French.
His co-broking agent, Brendz, from Propnex, smiled, thinking it was quite comical to hear a Chinese and an Indian conversing with each other in French!

Balan's client saw my violin, and told me that he would like to take up violin lessons, as it had been his dream to learn the violin. I told him to quickly avail himself of the opportunity, and not to wait like me, learning the violin at the age of 56! I guess, this is the fun part of my job, for I meet people from all nationalities and walks of life.

Balan's client was quite interested in my unit, and until I receive a Letter of Intent, the unit is still open to other interested parties.

Gan Cao

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