Friday, June 11, 2010

Major - the husky that does not bark!


Major, 14 years old is still strong except for weak hind legs

Always cool and calm

Still looking good at a ripe old age of 14

My friend, Ching, has gone to Japan for a two weeks' vacation. She needed someone to help dogsit her lovely husky, Major. I decided to help Ching as it was difficult to find someone at the last minute.

I have always loved huskies, but could not bring myself to keep one as I feel it must be very difficult to keep a husky in this hot and humid weather. After watching the movie, "Iron Will", I have begun to appreciate the dogs that pull sleighs on the snow.

It has been four days since I have been looking after Major. I have not heard him bark... no, not even once. He is such a cool and calm dog. Even when I come back, he will just look at you serenely and will not bark or wag his tail!
I thought maybe it is because I am a stranger, but Major's owner told me that her pet would also do likewise when she returns. Even when Major sees other dogs, he would just look at them, and not bark.

Major is in perfect health except for weak hind legs. Ching said that most big dogs have problems with their hind legs when they grow old. Major's hind legs keep sliding when he walks on the smooth ceramic floor but once he is on the road, he walks quite steadily as the road has a rougher surface, hence giving Major a better grip. He walks very, very slowly but enjoys his walk, because it would be the only time you can see him smile! Major also likes to be brushed. Each time I brush his fur, I collect a bagful of fur. I guess, the collected fur would help to make Major feel a little cooler.

I am glad of the opportunity to take care of Major, as this is the first time that I can get so close to a husky. Huskies are such good looking dogs, as most of them have double eye-lids and because of the dark outline of the eyes,
huskies look like they have eyeshadows! God is such an awesome creator, and there are so many beautiful species of dogs!

It is not easy trying to cope with my job as well as carrying out my task of looking after Major. Fortunately, it is only about 5 bus-stops to Ching's apartment. However, work is not work when we enjoy what we are doing, and it is lovely to
get paid for doing something I enjoy so thoroughly.

Gan Cao
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