Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Names that Confuse and Confound!


What a name for a restaurant!
Sloppy Joe belies the lovely decor and good food of the restaurant

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Of late, I notice that people have come up with quirky names for their businesses.
I was walking along Orchard when I saw the name of the restaurant or was it the name of a dish at $6.50? "Sloppy" made it unattractive for me to enter the restaurant, for "sloppy is not a good word to be associated with food. It made me wonder whether my food would be properly prepared.

Another restaurant in Balmoral Plaza is named "Big Bird". Here the big bird refers to chicken, because the restaurant specialises in chicken rice. For a long time, I resisted entering the restaurant for I wonder if the staff serve pigeon soup or some big birds like an ostrich or eagle?

When I first heard of "Lehman Brothers", I thought that the company was trading in jeans and clothings, like our "Benjamin Brothers". I did not realise "Lehman Brothers" refers to a bank! "Oh! It's good that you don't know, Choo, for it means you are safe," said my good friend, Jack.

Little did I realise that Fannie Mae refers to a mortgage and finance company! I thought Fannie Mae refers to a modelling agency!

One of my friends knows someone in Hong Kong by the name of "Bullion", and another by the name of "Silver". A rich family has called their daughter "Precious Wong".

Names are important and people should think carefully before choosing the appropriate name for their businesses and for themselves and loved ones.

Gan Cao

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cooknengr said...

Actually hoh, Sloppy Joe refers to the food. Ground beef cooked in sweet BBQ sauce and just dump on buns ...yap, it was sloppy looking and messy to eat. Hated it during my dorm days.