Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just to Ponder ......

"Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head." Matthew 8:20

Perhaps the above verse in Matthew Chap. 8 is one of the verses in the Bible that touches me the most.

Jesus had shown his examples of faith and trust, prioritising His work on earth, and doing His father's will.

Yet, so many of us mortal Christians must try to outshine one another by living in bigger, and yet bigger and even somewhat opulent residences.! Some church leaders must build bigger and yet bigger churches filled with platinum and crystals. Some even claim that as they are children of the King of Kings, they should "live it up" and not live like paupers because it will not be glorifying to the One who has created heaven and earth.

It has been some three decades since I studied at the University of Alberta. One incident still remains etched in my memory. I had invited a very kind Canadian lady to our Varsity Christian Fellowship where my wonderful church pastor, Rev. Bey was the guest speaker. The Canadian Lady, Mrs. Moslow, had adopted 14 children from all over the world, and she would look after them like a foster mother. As it was a potluck party, Mrs. Moslow cooked a big pot of stew, and brought it to the gathering.
While Rev. Bey was preaching, to our horror, Mrs. Moslow stood up and pointed to Rev. Bey and in a loud voice declared, "You Sir, if you really love God, give away your diamond ring and the pearl tie pin on your coat!" And in an even louder voice, she asserted, "Come children, let's leave this place of hypocrites".! She marched out of the meeting with her brood of seven older children!

The world has always seen Christians to be what Christ has examplified. Sadly many church leaders in the likes of Ho Yeow Sun, (as wife of Rev. Kong, she is a leader whether she likes it or not), Benny Hinn, etc. have lived in opulent residences and "live it up". It does not matter whether they are using their own hard earned money or not. Does not the bible teach us to be frugal by the example of the pieces of bread that were picked up after the huge crowd of people had been fed miraculously. The pieces of left over bread filled 12 baskets.! Jesus had just created a miracle of turning the loaves of bread and fishes into food. Yet, he examplified frugality and conservation by instructing his disciples to pick up the remnants of food. No, I am not a thelogian, but a reader who analyses what she reads only. Economically, does it not make sense, that even if we have loads of wealth, if we live a little more simply and frugally, we will have more to give away to those who are hungry and homeless?

One of my friend's mother has a friend whose son attends the City Harvest Church. She lamented that her son does not give her or her husband any monthly allowance, because he has given a lot of money to his church already. "Give, give, until you cry", asserted Pastor Kong Hee. The son did not cry, but his aged parents did. Has Pastor Kong Hee forgotten about the reminder that we have to honour our parents. What show of filial piety has the son demonstrated by not giving his aged parents some pocket money? As I have said, I am not a theologian, but our parents are only with us for a short time, and once they are gone, we would not have any more opportunity to demonstrate our love and filial piety. is not easy to be a good Christian for we have to be always on our guard, and Satan or "affectionately known as" "Mr. S.A. Tan" is like a roaring lion, ready to pounce on all of us....yeah, even the most seemingly successful and impressive pastors. Indeed we have all fallen short of the glory of God!

Let us all continue to focus on the Cross, and to be constantly reminded of the excruciating pain of pierced head, hands and feet and a flogged body that Christ had to go through in order that His work on earth be finished, and to remember his words, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do". (Luke 23: 24).

Above all, let us even weak mortals that we are, continue to lead a simple life of faith, love, peace and joy. It is not easy to live in this world full of temptations, but let us all remember that "we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength."

Gan Cao

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