Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Happiness is ......(40)


My single flower bloom of adenium!

Notice that the single bloom stems from a stalk that is rotting at the tip!
My previous bloom of adenium - a ring of flowers!

As I was watering my plants, I was pleasantly surprised when I found a single stalk of flower on my adenium plant!

Unlike the previous bloom with a ring of six to seven flowers, this time, it is a lonely flower, blooming majestically and proudly, despite its singleness.

To my greater surprise, the stalk from which the flower has bloomed is kind of rotting, and yet the flower is so resplendent in its growth and beauty!

It makes me think of some disadvantaged children who shine despite poverty, hardship and sufferings!

It also makes me think that like the flower, I must never give up even when circumstances are not encouraging. I will depend on the Creator for strenghth and life, and will bloom despite adversity!

Amazing how much happiness and learning we can glean from nature, if only we take the time to smell and see. More importantly, to take a break from the hecticness of life, to just sit back and ponder.!

I am so happy to see the lovely single adenium. Indeed one flower is better than none!

Gan Cao

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