Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Party for the Paws!


All in the family - My neighbour Irin with her four dogs : Papa Bobby, Mama Bibi
and her two boys - Brandon and Brian. Joanne (Helen's niece) is at extreme left, holding the girls - Angel and Juno. The lady with the long hair at the back row is Bibi's original owner. She gave Bibi to Irin.

Minister Lui Tuck Yew is a kind man for dogs don't take to people they sense
are not dog lovers or people who have eaten dog meat before.!

"Wow! These six dogs are all from the same family?" Mr. Lui Tuck Yew was somewhat
flabbergasted! Irin proudly explains why she has so many dogs.
Yours truly receiving a prize for coming in second position in the game, " Who's who?"

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Hello everyone! I am sorry for having been somewhat slow in posting my articles!
The last two weeks have been really hectic because I have volunteered to help Ching
look after her husky, Major. Now that Ching is back from Japan, my mission has been accomplished, and life will to back to normal again, except that in four days' time I am flying off to London and Europe with my best friend, Soh Wah. First purpose is to attend my niece, Kam Ning's wedding in London, and secondly it is to maximise our trip to visit Barcelona, or some other European cities.

12th of June ..... a date I had been looking forward to! Some creative residents had come up with the idea for a party to celebrate the loyalty and beauty of our canine friends. Wendy, our lovely neighbour had informed us all about the big date, and she
even kindly donated some 4 tickets to my neighbours, Irin and Helen. Irin, in turn, bought 3 more tickets for me and her two friends, but it was Aunty Helen who paid for the tickets. Aren't my neighbours wonderful? This is why I love living in Little India where most of my neighbours are kind, helpful and fun loving.

Irin was full of foresight and even invited Bibi and her previous owner and friends to the party.

How wonderful to meet neighbours with the same love and interest - four legged doggy friends. There are so many types of dogs at the party - small ones like Chihuahua to huge dogs like Golden Retrievers, Border collies etc.

Our Minister, Mr. Lui Tuck Yew was the guest of honour, and it was such a lovely and relaxing day for everyone. I enjoy winning prizes - hence, when the game for "Who's Who" was on, I sprang to action, asking everyone whether their birthdate is in June; whether their dog was adopted and whether they are from our neighbourhood etc. My effort paid off, and I won the second prize - some vouchers from NTUC Fairprice.

Joanne was lucky too as she won a lucky prize with her ticket number 165. Irin's two dogs, Bobby and Brandon came in 2nd and 3rd position in the race! They won dog food and vouchers!

The $3 coupon is worth every cent. It comes with goody bags worth many times over the amount. Everyone celebrated with a packet of delicious nasi lemak from Lee Brothers for dinner.

I look forward to more activities organised by the Community Centre. In the near future, I may also volunteer my services. I hope to write to the Authorities to convince them that HDB dwellers should be allowed to keep big dogs like Golden Retrievers, Border Collies or Chow Chows which have mild and good temperament. It is actually the smaller dogs that tend to bark more because of their insecurity with their size. The huge dogs tend to be quieter because their huge bodies more than make up for their bark. If the owners are responsible and take their dogs out for long walks and exercise, the smallness of the HDB flat is not important. I know of huge landed properties which have big dogs, but sadly, these dogs are sometimes caged up! I'd rather be a big dog which belongs to a wonderful and caring dog owner who lives in a public housing flat to living in a bungalow where I am often caged up!

Gan Cao

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