Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Excuse Me, Are You A Property Agent? .....(27)


Getting ready to have a tour of some of the residential units owned by
Far East Organisation

Adeline (in purple), David, Jack and Daphne listening attentively as Adrian Wiryawan
gives more details on Townerville.

One of our favourite condos - Orchard Scotts

A buffet lunch graciously hosted by Far East Organisation! What a treat! Ming, with her radiant smile!
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After our company's meeting at the Auditorium, I was having some lunch at our sky terrace, when a lady, came to sit down and introduced herself as Cicilia from Far East Organisation. She gave me a
brochure, and informed me that if I had a group of agents interested in visiting some of their projects, she could make arrangements for me.

Since sales of private properties are somewhat slower these couple of months, I thought it might be a good idea for my team members to explore some of the rental opportunities available.

We were picked up at the entrance of Orange Tee Building. Wow! The Far East Organisation bus reminds me of the 16 seater luxury bus which I often take when I visit Penang. Cicilia gave everyone a brochure, giving details of the various properties for rental. Our first stop was at Townerville, which is quite near my apartment. Gosh! If not for this visit, I would not have realised that there are such lovely and charming conservation houses near my estate! Although the landed properties are very charming, I still prefer apartments and condominiums because one has to turn on the airconditioners in landed properties.

Our next stop was at Cavenagh Lodge, a low-rise condominium. It is quiet and charming, yet within walking distance to Orchard Road.

My favourite is Orchard Scotts. We were impressed by the sprawling grounds, and Cicilia proudly told us that the buildings only used up 25% of the land! Wow! There are spa pavillions and residents could have their massages done, surrounded by so much lush greenery!

Cicilia told us about Nassim Regency, her favourite condo. We arrived at Nassim Regency and saw that the lunch buffet had been already set up at the poolside. Some of the team members did not have time to take breakfast, and hence were famished. What a sumptuous spread! It had started to drizzle, and Adrian handed a few umbrellas to us. The Far East staff had been so well organised and efficient!

As Nassim Regency is near the Botanical Gardens, there is so much greenery in the vicinity. Yet it is so near to Orchard Road.! Suddenly I thought to myself, "Ah! When the MRT downtown line is completed, Botanical Gardens will be only two stations away from my HDB apartment in Little India. Then I can go for a little jog every morning!" I smiled, thinking what an Ah Q I was! Anyway, happiness means being positive and finding joy and comfort in little things. There was a song in my heart, thanking God for His blessings and provision. I love living in this small, but pretty little island.

Our last stop was at Leonie Hill Condotel. The building looks spectacular with huge Roman columns. Everyone was full of "oohs and ahs" at the beautifully designed units. The rental ranges from $12,000 to $20,000 per month. Gosh! $20,000 could be the annual salary of some people in Singapore. The late Mr. Ng Teng Fong certainly had an eye for excellent location and such acumen where properties are concerned.

We ended the tour, tired but happy and felt that the five hours outing was worth every minute, for we became a little more knowledgeable. Hopefully, we can close a few rental units with Far East Organisation very soon.

Jia you" everybody! (Jia you - literal translation of to add petrol. Go for it! Way to go!)

Gan Cao

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