Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Who Grew the Papaya Trees?


Young papaya plants that will soon have to be replanted on the ground.

Don't really know what these lovely plants are and where they really come from!
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I was surprised to find young papaya leaves sprouting out from one of the pots with soil. My neighbour Irin had thought I had planted some papaya trees. Someone must
have decided to throw in some papaya seeds into the pot. Very soon I will have to
bring them down to replant them. Hopefully if they bloom and grow, residents can
help themselves to the papayas. How I wish that there is some small plot of land where we can grow fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. As an apartment dweller, I am
limited by what I can grow in pots, big and small.

Nevertheless it is always such a pleasure to see plants growing and thriving. I guess I enjoy looking at green plants and trees. Somehow plants soften the hardness of bricks and mortars, and make a building look more friendly and a home more cosy.

Sometimes when I pass by some landed properties, I feel sad that the owners would just cement the whole building, when they could have left some patches of soil for grass to grow. Somehow plants and grass will make a home cooler as the hot sun will
not be blazing on the hard concrete.

I admire those lovely homes in New Zealand and Australia where the owners would grow so many types of beautiful flowers and vegetables. Eldest sister would be coming for a visit and she would help me beautify the pots of plants along the corridor again. With her green thumbs, my plants bloom and look healthier and greener.

Green, green, my love is green!

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