Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happiness is ......(42)

I just love computers. How nice it is to be able to type a letter or note to my team members or to my friends, and yet there is no necessity to go to the post office to mail my letters. From the comfort of home, one can just type an email and send it off, and the best thing is that the receipient receives the email almost instantly! Now with the advent of iphones and other makes of mobile phones, the receipient could even receive emails on the wonderful gadget even when he is on the move! Recently I decided to email an invitation to my two good friends instead of
phoning them. Writing gives me better opportunity to be humorous, and it also helps
my friends to remember the contents better because when we read, we remember better than when we hear.

Dear Sim and Amelia,

It would be great if you could both pop by on Thursday night to have some Penang Char Koay Teow.? Eldest sister is a very meticulous cook, and if she thinks my koay teow is worth her palette, by golly, it must be even more delicious than buffetlicious!!!

Not to worry.....come when you are ready after work, ....I cook on the spot for you....your wish is my command......more chilli, no eggs, less bean sprouts, etc. etc. The secret of cooking great koay teow or fried rice is to cook plate by plate, not in huge quantities. Also the wok must be hot and the fire big, and the cook's
movement fast like a kungfu fighter.! Sounds complicated? Aiya, actually, very
simple only lah. The best things in life are actually very simple. Am sure, after
seeing me cook, you will be able to whip up tasty koay teow for your family members
to enjoy.

See you both!


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