Monday, August 02, 2010

Secret of Youthfulness .....(1)


Mrs. Mary Tan, looking 20 years younger than her 83 years of age!
"Love your good friends. They are treasures in this harsh world!"

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I was having my breakfast at Aunty Helen's foodstall, "Yong Ji" when I was introduced to her good friend, Mrs. Mary Tan. Mary has a lovely and smooth complexion and looks quite pretty and attractive. I was pleasantly surprised when
Aunty Helen revealed that Mary is in her eighties. Wow! She certainly looks twenty
years younger.

Hence I asked Mary what are her tips for retaining her youthfulness and she shared the following :-

1) Don't bear grudges. Let bygones be bygones. Don't take things personally.
Humans have tongues that often like to wag, and we can never please people. It
is important to have a good sleep every night and one will sleep soundly when
one has a free conscience despite evil gossips and half truths. Most important
is to please God, for He is our great Judge.

2) Treausre your good friends. Apart from family members, good friends are like
precious rubies and diamonds. Truly good friends are difficult to find. No
matter how busy you are, always make time to have fellowship and bonding.

3) It is important to keep active, physically and mentally. Learn new things and
always be interested in the world around you. Housewives must always try
their utmost to keep themselves updated by reading the newspapers, watching the
news and finding new information from the computer. Every lady must not allow
herself to stagnate but to keep abreast with new development.

Certainly Mrs. Mary Tan walks her talk. She still drives and supervises her Chinese restaurant which she is running with the help of her two children. Her bright eyes
and smooth complexion make her look healthy and young. Wow!

Gan Cao

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