Sunday, August 15, 2010

Liu Wei - Armless Pianist - an Inspiration!

My friend, Eddie, sent me an email about Liu Wei, an armless pianist who touched millions by his beautiful playing and optimism in life. Despite losing his arms
at the age of ten, he had not allowed despondence and self pity to overcome him. He
reiterated that he had two choices, "to die or to live a wonderful life!" and he has chosen the latter. Kudos!

I tried to play the piano with my toes, but it was impossible. Eldest sister and I discovered that when we tried to use the toe beside the big toe to play the piano, the rest of the little toes would follow suit!! I could almost "hear" my little fingers and hands protesting, "Hey, you could use us! Why are you using your toes?"
I guess, as a writer, I will always have endless curiosity to probe and to discover.!

Like the rest of the audience at the competition who wept, I also cried when I saw
how amazing Liu Wei was! He had taken only 3 to 4 years to learn to play the piano using his toes. God really gives very special gifts to people who are deprived in some way eg. the blind will have exceptionally sharp hearing; the deaf can see better than many of us with sight, and those without limbs can do wonders eg. Nick Vujicic and Lena Maria to name a few.

From now onwards, I will no longer complain about my very short fingers. I will persevere to work even harder on my violin, and above all, to always have a heart of gratitude towards God and man.

Gan Cao

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