Sunday, August 01, 2010

Flower Power


I love petunias and they bloom majestically in London!

Look at the kaleidoscope of colours!

Lavender! I love the smell of lavender

A tree full of bright shocking pink flowers. Am not sure what type of flowers as
they are too high up for me to see in detail. Can anyone tell me the name of the

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Flowers! Flowers! Everywhere I go, I always look out for flowers for I just love the beautiful handiwork of God's marvellous creation!

Hence it was natural that I took quite a number of shots on flowers when I recently visited London and Barcelona.

My beloved eldest sister had changed her mind about seeing snow. As sister is a good gardener and an avid lover of flowers, we are going to Japan instead to see the Sakura and all the flowers that bloom in spring! Flowers make my world go round!! I thank God for His multitude of beautiful flowers. Life indeed will be less colorful without them!

Gan Cao

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