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Excuse Me, Are You A Property Agent? (29)



The lovely landscaping at Sanctuary Green

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I was on my way to Costa Rhu to show a two bedroom rental unit. Now that the Stadium MRT station is in operation, I decided I would take the circle line to the Stadium and then walk to Costa Rhu Condomium which would take about 30 minutes. I looked at the directory and it looked quite a distance away from the MRT Station, but now that the Lord has healed me of my backbone aches, I decided to walk. I also wanted to have the opportunity to look at the various condominiums along the way. My recruit, Yvonne, had insisted that I take bus 158 from Aljuneid MRT as the bus would stop right in front of Costa Rhu Condominium, but I decided to walk instead, for the view around is just so beautiful.

When I came across the condominium, Sanctuary Green, I smiled. I had sold a 4 room unit before, but had not seen the project or unit because it was then still being constructed. My best friend, Soh Wah, had recommended me to market the unit for her
good friend. At that time, I was still running my Italian restaurant, and doing property on a part time basis. I had my own property licence, and there was no pressure of quota sales.

The market was in a downturn, and it was not surprising then that my advertisement did not garner a single call on the day it was published in the Straits Times.
The following Sunday morning, I was walking my two dogs - Kamlette and Kambobo, and just as I was turning into Eng Tai Mansion, I prayed to the Lord. I told Heavenly Papa that it was indeed difficult to please homo sapiens, and I felt that it was easier to please God than His two legged creation! I decided there and then that since God is going to be my judge it is more important that I please him, than I please homo sapiens....hence I asked, "What do you think of me, Papa?".

Just then, as if in answer, my mobile phone rang! As it was about 6.45a.m. in the morning, I thought it could be either my eldest brother or sister who called from
Canada or Sarawak.

"How much is the unit in Sanctuary Green which you advertised yesterday?"

"1.22 million," I replied somewhat taken aback.

"What is your client's benchmark?"

"1.2 million".

"Ok. Come and get my cheque."

I almost thought I was dreaming and nearly fell over my dogs. Suddenly peace filled
my heart and I thought I saw a rainbow in the sky.!

I told the buyer that it was not possible for me to collect his cheque in the morning, as I had to guide a friend as it would be his first day taking over the restaurant, and I had to keep my promise.

"You're cool", he replied.

"But I like your commitment. See you at 4p.m. then".

I called my client and asked if he was happy with the price. Of course he was, for it was $100,000.00 above valuation! I had thought it was only $10,000.00 above valuation! I had seen someone advertising a similar lower floor unit at $1.1M and thought that my $1.2M was ten thousand above which would be right as it was on the 12th floor.

My client came for lunch at the restaurant to sign the Option to Purchase so that I could bring it to the buyer in exchange for his cheque. No wonder my client looked somewhat pessimistic for the price was too good to be true. However, I was cool, because I had miscalculated and thought that was a reasonable price.

When I met the buyer, I asked him why he wanted to buy another condominium when he was already living in a very beautiful unit.

"I bought it for my Korean girlfriend," he volunteered.

"Are you going to marry her?"

"Everyone is asking me that question. Well, if she doesn't marry me, then I
will ask you to sell the unit for me again lah."

The buyer exercised the option and completed the sale before the due date. He had
never asked me to resell the unit. Hence, my conclusion is that he must have married his Korean girlfriend. I am happy for him.

It was only later that I learnt from my best friend, Soh Wah, that her friend had
been trying to sell his unit at Sanctuary Green for the past one year but could not get a buyer! I guess if I had known the facts, I might not have taken the exclusive to sell. Ignorance can be bliss at times, and God always seem to bless the "sotong"
(in Malay meaning cuttlefish implying someone who is not clever and often confused).

All thanks to Heavenly Father who always does the impossible! Now you can understand my maxim is always to do my best, and leave God to do the rest.!

Gan Cao

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Hello Aunty Chu Chu!

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