Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happiness is .......(48)


Carlsberg had come up with a creative stool that could be easily folded and carried around
Voila! The stool can carry the weight of a man or woman weighing over 120kgs!

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Due to my back aches, I had been looking for a stool that could be easily folded
and carried around. I had seen a chair that was light and foldable in my client's
seminar room, and thought I should be able to look for one in a furniture shop. However, to my disappointment I could not find one and found that the chairs had been out of stock. To ease the excruciating pain in my back whenever I walked, I had to sit down for a few seconds after a short distance. The intermittent rest helped to ease the pain. Hence, I thought I should carry a light and portable stool/chair with me especially when I participate in 5 or 10 km walk. Of late I had stopped participating in such walks due to my back pain.

Hence, you could imagine my joy when I saw four folded chairs in my client's apartment. After the tenants had vacated the apartment, my client's son and family moved in to stay for a month, while renovating their new apartment. My client's son told me that the foldable stools were given by Carlsberg during one of their beer promotion. Since I seldom drink beer, I did not know of the promotion. If I had known, I would have bought the Carlsberg beer, just so that I could get the foldable stool. I was extremely happy when my client's son gave me one of the stools after I had explained to him about my need for it. In gratitude, I bought some gifts for him and his family.

It is interesting how we would be unable to find something we wanted to; yet when we were not looking, we would actually find what we wanted in an unexpected place!

Happiness is stumbling upon such a find, even if it is a simple foldable stool! Now I can look forward to participating in 5km and 10km walking events again.

Gan Cao

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