Thursday, October 28, 2010

Excuse Me, Are You a Property Agent? (30)


Various Certificates are given out during our once a month, ALM Meeting


Team Associate and Senior Directors enjoying the comfortable seats in the Auditorium
of Orange Tee Building


After the meeting, agents get a treat of beer and sumptuous buffet during the
"Happy Hour" at the Sky Terrace of Orange Tee Building.


"This place is more like a resort, so windy and beautiful", said Ming Wei with pretty fiancee, Joy.

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My partner, Dickson, an agent from Orange Tee, has been co-broking with me for the past four years and has often been persuading me to join his company. Hence I decided to join him when his company moved to the new premises at Toa Payoh, a beautifully designed new 16 storey building, located just next to the HDB Hub.

Change is never easy, but I like the computer system in Orange Tee. The Work at Home allows me to have easy access to information from the company, and my team's performance. I can also easily search for information on properties in the computer.
The system is just wonderful for someone like me who enjoys working from home. Yet when I have to be at the office, there are ample seating places in the company. With 288 free seating places, I am spoilt for choice!

I could also easily meet up with clients at the various meeting rooms or at the Sky Terrace. Recently, a client, Mr. Ong, recommended me to help his niece, Joy, purchase a condominium in the Hillview area. I requested that we meet at the office. It turned out that Joy's fiance was none other than my ex-student from ACS!! Both Joy and Ming Wei enjoyed themselves at the Sky Terrace.

My colleagues are all very friendly and helpful and I am enjoying myself at my new work place. Our Executive Directors, Mr. Michael Tan and Mr. Steven Tan, and Director of Training and Development, Mr. James Tam are approachable and open to new ideas. Orange Tee Building is just 6 MRT stops away from my home, and when the new downtown line is completed, it will only be only 3 MRT stops away! Happiness is saving time when I go around with my BMW - Bus, MRT, Walking! I am so grateful for the wonderful infra structure in Singapore!

Gan Cao

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