Friday, October 08, 2010

It's a Miracle!

In my previous blog, I had mentioned about my backache that had plagued me for a number of years...especially the last five years. Of late, the pain was getting more excruciating so that I always had to sit down for a few seconds every now and then to ease the pressure of the backbones. The ex-ray had shown my bone pressing on the nerves and the doctor said it is due to degenerating that comes with aging. But then none of my older siblings has this problem! The orthopaedic surgeon at the General Hospital had suggested surgery, but I am scared to go under the knife!
Hence, he suggested physiotherapy instead.

I had wanted to go to the Istana with my friend, Fong Wah to pay my respects at the wake of Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew, but on Monday, I did not feel well. I called my friend to cancel our plans. I was quite frustrated because I had really wanted to pay my respects to Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew. I prayed for the Lord to heal my backaches, for the excruciating pain made me feel like a very old lady. I would very much like to stand and practise my violin, but always had to sit down or I would not be able to practise for a continuous stretch of two hours!

On Tuesday morning, just as I was about to wake up and was still lying on my bed, I suddenly felt as if the tail-end of my spinal bones was being straightened and there was a little sound. When I got up, to my surprise I realised that my backache was gone! For the first time in my life, I felt very agile! Hence I decided to go to the Istana. As the weather was very hot I decided not to carry my umbrella but to wear my white hat for it would free my hands to hold my book to read while I was queueing up. I decided to wear my high heels instead of my flat pumps, for I wanted to dress my best to pay my respects to a wonderful lady of substance, Mrs. Lee.

I queued up at the Istana, and in all I had been on my feet for about two hours, and strangely, I did not have any backaches. I knew then that indeed God had answered the prayers of my siblings, friends and myself, and had healed my backaches! Praise the Lord! I am so grateful! I shared with my best friends, Soh Wah, Amu and Geok Sim and they rejoiced with me. Soh Wah had seen how bad my aches were when we were travelling in England and Barcelona. I am grateful for her patience with me, when I had to sit down every few minutes to ease the pressure. Geok Sim and Amu were always helping me to carry my bags whenever I went out with them, for they knew the weight of the bags would cause me to feel greater discomfort. Even when I went for long walks with my ex-tenant, Jasmin, I always had to look for seats at the bus-stops so that I could sit down for a little while.

Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy! Thank you for your miracle healing! Thank you for my loving and supportive relatives and friends.

Gan Cao

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