Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happiness is .....(47)


The lovely sunset around the Tanjong Rhu area in Singapore

My new delightful canine friend....

The friendly maid, Jean, with her owner's dog, Cassy
A cute and friendly dog

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My team member, Yvonne, had advised me to take a bus from Aljuneid MRT station direct to the client's rental property at Costa Rhu. However, it would mean a slightly longer journey.

Happiness is taking a fast ride via the new circle line and terminating at the Stadium MRT station, and then taking a walk along the waterfront to Costa Rhu. It
takes about 30 minutes for the walk, but I thoroughly enjoy myself, for I would be
most likely to meet many dogs along the way!

When the viewing was over, the sky would be setting, and it would be even better as there would be more dogs being taken out by their owners or maids. Ever since my three pet dogs have passed away, I now find joy and comfort in loving other people's dogs, and hence have become "godma" to my neighbours' six Shih Tzu. I also make it a point to talk to and pat dogs I meet along the way.

I am thankful to our government for the cleanliness and wonderful city planning in Singapore. Maybe I am just an easily contented person who takes joy and pleasure in simple things. I also enjoy raindrops falling on my head, or hear the pitter patter of heavier rainfall. Even though I am quite scared of lightning and thunder, it is as if the Creator is taking a photo of the earth each time lightning strikes and the sky is filled with sudden streaks of light! Each time lightning takes place, I am reminded of how frail we human beings are and how needful to be dependant for grace and mercy on the One who creates the world.

After all, happiness is a choice, and not merely dependant on circumstances.

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