Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.....

I was at my regular hair saloon in Clementi for my hair treatment. After having gone so many times to Bee Choo Herbal Hair Saloon, I have by now got to know most of the staff. Hence I feel very comfortable and at home.

Usually, I would read the newspapers simultaneously so as not to waste time. Once I came across a hilarious article. The writer had mentioned that first impressions are very important and how his mother had constantly reminded him as a child not to wear any underwear with holes in them. For should he end up one day in hospital because of an accident, the nurses and doctors would be able to see his "hole-ly underwear, and would have a bad impression of him". I was tickled pink by the article and could not resist laughing out aloud.. The lady who was doing my hair also started laughing and soon the rest of the staff and even some customers also started laughing. I was sure none of the people knew what I was laughing at, but indeed laughter is infectious, and whoever has said, "Laugh and the whole world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone" ....he has hit the bull's eye!

I was able to identify with the writer because of late, due to the acute aches caused by my backbones, I was not able to stand for even ten minutes and even when walking, had to rest every few minutes to ease the pain. The physiotherapist at the General Hospital had given me a few special exercises to ease the backaches, but the pain still persisted. Hence, I was not able to keep my apartment as clean and as neat as I wanted. I had also thought that it was imperative for me to keep my apartment neat, because should anything happen to me, I would not want the police, my neighbours or family members to find my apartment in a state of disarray.!

Hence you can imagine how tickled I was by the article, and I could not help laughing aloud. Nevertheless, it was great to see everyone laughing in unison! Laughing is a good exercise, because it massages our internal organs. Hence, do try to be always positive and see things from a bright and humorous angle.!

Gan Cao

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