Sunday, January 09, 2011

When Organs Fall Apart .....(4)

I was so happy to be back in the comfort of my home on Christmas eve. My friends had invited me earlier for dinner and lunch to celebrate my birthday but I had declined because I was tired and had little appetite. I was contented to have spent
my birthday celebration together with my two nephews, Samuel and Daniel and grand-niece, Gloria as we are all born in the month of December, and eldest sister gave us all a birthday treat in a sumptuous Japanese restaurant in Johore Bahru on 9th December. Since when I was a student in Edmonton till now, somehow, my birthday celebrations had stretched from end of November to December!! My best friends, Soh Wah and Geok Sim brought me birthday and Christmas presents even when my birthday was over!

Hence, I was often bound to put on some weight in December, but this time, ironically I lost weight effortlessly! It was kind of comforting to feel lighter, and to see my features more pronounced now that some fat had been trimmed off my face! Friends who visited me were somewhat puzzled by my rosy cheeks and energy. For some reasons,
I never felt pain at all except for pain in the left leg and lower spine which had collapsed bones.

Five days later, the National Cancer Centre staff sent me a message to say that the earliest appointment I could get with Dr. Tai was 19th of January.! I called up the hospital to look for Dr. Tai to tell him that my siblings were anxious to know the results of my biopsy. I was surprised he returned my call quite fast, and confirmed that the results would be out the following day and that he would see me on the 8th of January; not 19th. Dr. Tai called me up on the same day and informed me that the tumours were malignant and in the advanced stage.

By then, my church pastor, Rev. Tang had recommended me to see Dr. Karmen Wong, a very experienced and wonderful oncologist. Eldest sister was very anxious and got me an appointment but I reminded her it would be a futile visit as there were no reports or referral letters to show her. I asked Dr. Tai for a referral letter and he immediately obliged and even suggested that I get a copy of burnt CD of my CT Scan and MRI. Eldest sister and my niece, Yann went to the NCC and were touched by the wonderful attitude of the staff. The staff by the name of Miss Rani, rushed the
burning of the CD so that Sis could collect it the following morning in time for Dr.
Karmen Wong to peruse.

I thanked God that evening during prayer time that I had bought a good insurance
policy under AVIVA Insurance. In fact, I had actually forgotten all about the policy when my ex-colleague from Dennis Wee Group told me I had already purchased it.
Grace is a part time insurance agent as well, and as she is such a lovely lady, I wanted to give her some support. Grace was happy that I had bought the policy earlier. My best friend, Soh Wah, was very pleased that I had bought because she knew I am someone who gets bored by the topic of insurance. Thank God that the company automatically deducts the yearly premiums from my Medisave. I am ashamed that whenever I received mails from AVIVA, I seldom bothered to open up my mails! I am grateful for the foresight of the CPF Board which encourages us to buy insurance polices so that the hard earned money in our Medisave would not be so easily depleted
by illnesses which require surgery, hospitalisation or chemotherapy.

Despite my condition, my heart is really full of joy and gratitude to our Heavenly Papa and my caring siblings, relatives and friends. In everything, give thanks. :-)

I remember the chorus which we often sang in church and which is my favourite:

Something beautiful;
Something good;
All my confusion;
He understood.

And all I had to offer Him,
Was weakness and strife;
But He made something
beautiful of my life........

Gan Cao

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Meiying said...

Dear Ms. Kam, I'm a former student of yours from River Valley High School (1987 English Literature class) and have always remembered you with much gratitude and fondness. You introduced D.H. Lawrence, haikus and Totto-chan to a fourteen-year-old girl and gave her a lifelong interest in literature in just that one year. This is a short note to say hi and to let you know that God has used you to touch my life at an important turning point where I needed encouragement most. I'm praying that your heart will continue to be centred on the peace of God.