Thursday, January 13, 2011

When Organs Fall Apart......God Spares the Pain!

During my last visit, Dr. Karman Wong was exremely happy to see that my liver had
improved. She was able to give me my second chemotherapy and this time, with a slightly higher dosage.

This time, I need not go to the bathroom every ten minutes, because the nurses need no longer measure the amount of urine that has been passed out. Hence I was able to
sleep most of the time.

Earlier I had asked Dr. Wong why I had not felt any pain despite there being so many lesions. "Dr. Wong smiled and said, "I rebuke in Jesus' name." When I see how my friends suffering from cancer are in such great agony and pain, I know PAPA had
indeed spared me the pain. PAPA knows that my threshold for physical pain is not very high.

I only felt extremely warm, and perspired while waiting by the taxi stand. I felt somewhat suffocated as the air conditioning was not cold enough. I asked the taxi driver for more air, but he said it was quite cold because it was raining whole day
long. I asked my sister for a vomit bag and the taxi-driver quickly turned on the airconditioner. He must have decided it was wiser to let me have more air, than have
me throw out in his taxi!

Thank you PAPA for your blessings and guiding me day by day.

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