Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When Organs Fall Apart...... (6)

Eldest brother called me and I thought I heard him cry. Remember great men do shed tears, and when they do, my heart is all melted, though I put on a stoical front.
Hence, I wrote brother an email which I do not mind to share with my readers, and will later explain why I am so contented with my 57 years on earth thus far.

I hope my letter will encourage readers who may be in the same plight as I am, but do not fear, because God is in charge.

I also wrote to my friends in various toastmasters' clubs so that they will not continue to send me invitations to their clubs to help in project or language
evaluation. I will volunteer my services again when I am much better.

"My dear friends in Toastmasters' Clubs,

I have received the results of my biopsy and MRI. Doctor David Tai said my tumours on my liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and gall bladder are malignant. I have
been referred to the best oncologist in Singapore, Dr. Karmen Wong, but we know Jesus is the greatest physician!

I don't wish anyone to be sad, but to know that everything is in God's hands,
and Choo is as cheerful, strong and peaceful as ever. Whenever I am not
tired, I still like to write, blog, play the violin and piano and help my team of
agents to deal with problems concerning work.

My letter to my koko Kee Yong will let you have a better understanding of my
feelings, philosophy and attitude towards life. It is my prayer that everyone of
my dear friends will also come to know Jesus in a very personal and meaningful
way for He is indeed the source of my strength all these umpteenth years.

It is my prayer too that you will be encouraged and always look at the positive
side of things, for beneath every cloud is a silver lining and remember, the darker the sky,
the brighter shine the stars!

Cheers and wishing everyone a great and blessed year ahead!"

Choo Choo

Letter to my eldest brother Kee Yong

"My dear Koko,

Let's give thanks to God for everything, including my illness.
For years, I have always held open my palms, so that God
can give; He can also take away. I will never struggle to close my palms
even if I feel that He is taking away things that I would rather
He leaves behind ......riches, health, my beloved pets, etc. etc.

I have gone through so much in life, and nothing fazes me, serious!
When I wanted to buy my current HDB flat, all the banks would not
lend me $$$ because of my past financial tsunami; but I had faith,
and PAPA rained down the $$ for me from heaven. I ended up
paying full cash and some CPF for the flat.

Though I was momentarily stunned by the massive lesions on my
liver and lesser lesions on the other 4 organs, I have now accepted
my condition with thanks, knowing that God has a purpose for
everything that has taken place.

Except for looking somewhat yellow on my face the first few days, I
turned somewhat rosy, and with my smooth, shiny complexion,
I do not look sick. Since I am the youngest in the ward, I tried not
to trouble the nurses, so that they have more time to help the sickly
older ladies. Sometimes seeing that the nurses were busy, I tried to
help the older patients a little. I know you will say "don't do unnecessary
things," but it is such a joy to be able to do something for others. For
years, I have been influenced by this simple poem that I had read:

Life is but a long journey,
and we are all travellers on a long road.
Whatever I can do;
Whatever kindness I can show;
Let me do it there and then,
For I may not pass this way again.

I used to weep when any of my siblings left Penang;
I used to weep when my classes end at the end of the year.

But after the poem, I told myself I would give my best to people
while I could, so that I need not have to weep when the time comes to part.

Frankly I am very contented with my 57 years. Have travelled round
the world, skied on the Rockies, climbed the Great Wall of China and parts of Mt. Everest,
learnt to play the violin albeit at the age of 55 half and had the joy of
playing in the Ensemble, joined Toastmasters 3 years ago and had the joy
of gently breaking the rule of not sharing about God. I was a test speaker
in a contest and chose the topic, "With faith, nothing is impossible?", etc.
Am glad that while I could still walk, I had been on short missions trips to
Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia and Nepal. Hence, it is important
for all of us to always make hay while the sun shines.

So koko, please do not be grieved. We are eternally grateful that we have
a great God who is still in control of this messy, turbulent and chaotic world.

I went through very tough times during my financial tsunami, but I have
forgiven the culprits who caused me much pain and distress. I felt like Job,
though unlike Job who was a holy and righteous man, I was stupid and naive;
yet God in His graciousness, poured His blessings on me and restored all that
which I had lost! I am not even worthy to pick up the crumbs from under His
table, but God is always so merciful and generous.

Though I live alone, I always feel the Lord's sweet presence as I never feel
lonely. In fact, joy is coming home after a hard days' work and enjoying the
quiet in the home. The Lord has blessed me with wonderful neighbours who
always look out for me, and relatives and good friends who care for me even though
we may be separated by the oceans, mountains and many mrt stations!

What more can I ask?

Am glad God has brought me to Singapore where I have thoroughly enjoyed living
all these 30 years and made many wonderful friends. If it is God's will, I will pull
though and write my book of testimony, "When organs fall apart......". The staff
at SGH are really wonderful, and I purposely chose a ward of 6 beds rather than 2
beds so that I could observe things around me.

Koko, I would like to hear you sound more cheerful when you speak on the phone and remember to be always positive, no matter how discouraging the situation, for God is always in charge.

All praises and glory to His name."


Kam Choo Choo @ Lynn,
Team Associate Director,
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url: http://ganchau.blogspot.com

Favourite quote: "Life is not about falling down; it is about getting up again".
Vince Lombardi

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