Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When Organs Fall Apart ........(7)

Dr. Karmen was concerned about the deteriorating state of my liver, and told me she
would send me for Ultra sound and some blood tests on Monday. I thought to myself that ultra sound tests are more meant for expecting mothers to check on how their babies are faring inside the womb.

My best friend, Geok Sim, had visited me on Saturday morning, so that she could show eldest sister some materials on the computer as well as to keep her company when I was with the nurses.

I noticed that many of the radiographers are young, pretty Filipino ladies with
excellent facial complexion. The one doing the ultra sound for me looked so serious that I thought perhaps I might play a joke on her, "Oh Nurse, where are my babies, my twins.?" I couldn't see them on the screen. Then I would point to the pair of lungs and say, "There they are, my twins". Instead, I just keep calm and asked her
serious, "Nurse, where's the scan of my baby - hasn't appeared on the screen yet? She
looked at me, and her eyes grew bigger with flabbergastion. "Dr. Wong never mentioned about any baby....just some tumours."

"Just pulling your leg lah".

Geok Sim came back with us, and continued to show us information in her i-pad. Wow!
She is such an excellent photographer. Her photographs taken all over the world looked so professional! I encouraged her to take up photography seriously. She indeed has the makings of a Russel Wong.

We decided to play a game of Scrabble and Sim showed me how to play on the computer.
I still preferred to play on the old fashioned manual board game of Scrabble. However, one can relax more with the computer, because it calculates the marks and will quickly signal if a word is wrongly used. Sim was the champion! Told my second sister Ean Ean and she would love to take Sim on for a game. Wow! Melbourne
Champion versus Bukit Panjang, Singapore Champion!

Sim did not want to stay for dinner as it is a family habit to dine together on weekends. Sis and I spent 3 hours watching our favourite Channel 8 serial, "Love".
We had tv dinner, and I took almost two hours to nibble at my food!

Thank you Lord for such a lovely and fun-filled day.!

Gan Cao

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van said...

Hi there
Just happened to chance on your blog when I was searching for a "passport photo-taking studio", and was directed to your post on the shop outside your house :) I was captivated by your posts and kept on reading..
Im really sorry to hear about your condition and I trust God has his plans for a wonderful person like you :) Your posts have really touched me with your faith and I am really inspired, and should give thanks for everything around me.
May God continue to give you and your loved ones strength and hope each day!