Sunday, January 16, 2011

When Organs Fall Apart.....People become more optimistic and encouraging!

As I was going with my sisters to Chinatown to have lunch at the Breakthrough Cafe and to do some shopping, I met my neighbour, Hari, a very short Malay man. In the past, whenever Hari met me, he would say with an air of seriousness, "Choo, the world is coming to an end." I would then encourage him and tell him that life is still beautiful. He could look at the bouganvilleas that were blooming and the pigeons that were flying freely in the air.

When Hari saw me with a walking stick, he was somewhat surprised and said, "Choo, what happened.? Did you have a fall? I'd not seen you for quite some time." I told Hari I had been ill as I have been diagnosed with final stage cancer.

Immediately Hari said, "Choo, life is a long journey and it is still beautiful. You
must continue to walk on this beautiful journey." I smiled and thanked him. What a great change in him.!

For some reasons, Hari seemed to be much taller that day, as he became more assertive with his desire to press on with life to get the most out of it.

A little later, I met Jack, an Indian odd job labourer who helps around the vicinity of Little India. Sometimes I would give Jack some food and drinks. When he saw me with a walking stick, he came towards me with concern. "Missy, did you have a bad fall? I told him of my illness and he immediately encouraged me to be strong as God would surely help me. I smiled and thanked him, assuring him that I too believe
in God's blessings.

Despite my walking stick, I continued my journey, with a spring in my steps and a new song in my heart.

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dung2x said...

Hi Madam Gan Chau,

I was a reader of your blog a few years back, and I've always enjoyed your full-of-inspiration-and-encouragement posts! :)

I've been absent from blogging for more than a year, so I was surprised to read about your health today. But again, I'm amazed at your positive attitude and your constant praise to God. I'm blessed tremendously just to know you (even just through your blog), and I hope I can live out my life and my faith so fulfilling-ly the way you do :)

I pray for good health as long as God allows you here on earth, and whatever may come I know He's holding you. And I believe you'll always have that positive outlook of life!

Thank you being such a blessing to me. I will remember to visit your blog every once in a while, especially when I need encouragement :) Keep going strong!! God bless your heart :)