Thursday, January 06, 2011

When Organs Fall Apart......(2)

I had to fast for the biopsy, though not for the MRI. The biopsy was scheduled at
about 11.00a.m. but was delayed. I was extremely hungry as I had only eaten a
small breakfast. I told the nurse to save my lunch for me so that I could take it
after the biopsy.

I wore my glasses into the special room because I wanted to see the procedures.
The professional nurse, a graduate from Singapore Polyclinic was very amiable and
explained to me as much as he could. Just then, the doctor came and gave me a local anaesthesia, after which she put in a fat needle to extract some tissues from my liver.

The professional nurse was thoughtful to show me two of the tissues floating in a
bottle. The tissues looked like two tiny threadlike worms and would be cultivated
so that some tests could be done. God is such an awesome Creator!

Just after I entered the ward, the nurse served me lunch. I was famished and ate
a little more than usual. Just then I heard that I should prepare for my MRI, much to my surprise because it was originally scheduled at 9p.m. If I had known about the change of time, I would not have eaten my lunch, because I felt discomfort with food in my stomach when I had to lie fully on my back.

While the Indian transporter was wheeling me into the MRI centre, I sang her a song in Hindi and Tamil. When we arrived at the centre, two of the staff had a break, and
my singing must have attracted them. One of the Malay nurses, sang me a song in Mandarin - Theresa Teng's popular, "The Moon Represents My Heart." She sang so beautifully and it really made my day.

I felt somewhat breathless and uncomfortable when I was pushed into the MRI machine which looks like a tunnel. I had to press the bell for help, and seeing that I was
so uncomfortable, the staff had to abort my MRI.

When the trainee doctor came to see me the following morning, he was somewhat disappointed and thought I did not want to have the MRI done but I told him it was too soon after biopsy and lunch. I could do the MRI again, but this time, I would not eat anything to lessen the discomfort. This time, another two new staff were on duty and they were superb - when I told them I had difficulty breathing the previous attempt, they gave me a tube to attach to my nose to bring in more oxygen for me. They even gave me a head set to listen to some music. I heaved a sigh of relief after the successful MRI.

I had not wanted my siblings to know about my hospitalisation as they are living
overseas, and I do not want them to worry unnecessarily. It was only when my eldest sister called me, I informed her I was at SGH. Later when eldest brother called me
from Canada to email him some stuff, I had to tell him about my hospitalisation. Brother at first thought I was in hospital for appendicitis surgery but when he learned about my enlarged liver and the massive lesions, he was alarmed and called up
my second brother in Penang and second sister in Melbourne. Hence, my second sister-in-law Saw Kim amd second Sister Lee Lee booked their flight to Singapore to look after me. My beloved niece, Yann was also coming over from Kuala Lumpur. I was truly
touched by the love of my family.

Gan Cao

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