Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let's Do Our Best and Let God Do the Rest.......

On Saturday, eldest sis and I went to visit Dr. David Tai at the National Cancer Centre. I was surprised there were very few people in the clinic and I was immediately able to see him. Cool! No waiting time, unlike the one to sometimes three hours I had to wait at Dr. Karman Wong's clinic!

Dr. Tai was happy to see me, and to find me in my cheerful spirit.

He examined my tummy and asked if I felt pain when he pressed gently. I nodded my head. Dr. Wong had sent him all the treatments that had been rendered to me thus far. He checked my eyes and asked me to open up my mouth for him to examine. He
looked very serious and said to me, "Can I be very forthright with you?"

"Oh! Are you saying I would meet PAPA soon? Dr. Tai, you know how I am. If God heals me it is fine; if He wishes to bring me home it is also fine .....I am all

"From the last time I saw you till now, your liver condition has not improved much.
In fact your eyes have turned somewhat yellow."

"Wonder why Dr. Wong told me just five days ago, that my liver has improved and is on the way to recovery? Maybe she was comparing the first blood test results to the latest one and saw a huge improvement?"

We had spent quite some time talking with Dr. Tai, and he answered all of sister's
questions and I only paid $25 in consultation fees. This was so unlike Dr. Karman
Wong who charged $80 for the first 10 minutes consultation and depending on how long
the patients are talking to her, the consultation fees will vary in amount. Sometimes I noticed that some Indonesian patients would be in for quite a long time.
I guess because of the huge operating costs, private doctors have to charge much more.

I told Dr. Tai that I had been having gastric/stomach pain the past three days and had been throwing out after almost every meal. Dr.Wong had increased my Xeloda tablets intake to two big ones in the morning and two big ones in the evening. I guess when I was given one big one and one small one in the evening, I was able to tolerate the tablets but when the dosage was increased, I experienced the side effects of nausea, vomitting, dizziness and loss of appetite.

We asked Dr. Tai if we could try Traditional Chinese Medicine since Western medicine is giving me some side effects, and he thought it was alright. I could always go back to him for weekly blood tests to monitor the condition of my liver.

I left Dr. Tai's clinic with the same cheerful spirit, but eldest sis was a little downcast. I reminded Dr. Tai to do his best, and let God do the rest.

Later sis became cheerful again and encouraged me to be strong in the Lord.

Gan Cao

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