Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Much ado about names of drugs......

I am so happy that Dr. Wong has stopped my TS-1 and introduced a new oral chemotherapy drug with a musical name of Xeloda. Makes me think of the instrument called xylophone. I was amused that although the drug is from America, Xeloda also sounds somewhat Japanese while TS-1 certainly sounds American or British!

Most important of all is that the drug, Xeloda is more suitable for me. It does not make me tired, lethargic and irritable with myself. It also does not cause me the side effect of losing my precious hair. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
I hope the tests next week will truly reveal whether the drug agrees with my liver.

Dr. Wong's knowledge, as accurately described by Pastor Tang, is superb. While it is not difficult for me to learn new words in Tamil, Hindhi or French, I found it somewhat difficult to remember the name of drugs, except for a couple of names. The most outstanding one is Senokot as it reminds me of some industrial estate. Strangely the drugs are grayish black, reminding me of the soot or sometimes black smoke that one can find in industrial estates. However, the drugs help tremendously when a patient has constipation.

Thank God for all the medical researchers for all the drugs. I must remember that although one drug may not be compatible with me, it may help others. However, great the medical researchers and knowledgeable all the specialists, the greatest physician is our Heavenly Papa and in Him I trust and have my joy and strength.

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