Monday, March 28, 2011

People's Rememberance of Us......

Since my illness, I have had so many visitors and more have phoned/emailed they
would like to visit me. My sisters who were looking after me were surprised I have so many friends and acquaintances.

My close and best friends, Amu, Sim, Soh Wah, Choon Lian and Chong have visited me
quite regularly, especially Amu who would try to drop by in the evenings after her work. I advised her not to visit me so often as I would also like her to have sufficient rest. Amu works very hard, and always puts others before self.

My ex-colleagues from Dennis Wee Group also visited me and this Tuesday, another group is dropping for a visit. Chong told me that a lady would like to visit me, and
I could not recall who she was, until he mentioned she was grateful because I had helped her to write a letter to the Prison Authorities to request for her son, then an inmate, to have the opportunity to study for his "O" levels. Most of the times, I do not remember what I have done for people; however, it is nice that people still remember us.

Some of my friends from toastmasters' clubs would also like to arrange a visit. I am trying to schedule the visits as eldest sister is worried I will get tired out.
However, seeing my friends only make me feel happy and rejuvenated.

I am hoping I will be well enough on 9th April so that I could attend a speech contest (Division level) at the AIA Changi Toastmasters' Club and to root for a friend who is participating in the Table Topics Contest. At the same time, I could also meet up with other toastmasters so that they would be able to see me and need not visit me at my home. I would also be receiving my DTM medal from District 80. I had told Michael Rodrigues, Lieutenant Governor Education & Training that I had already received my plaque from Headquarters in America, but he told me the DTM medal is from District 80 of Singapore.

It helps that my best friend, Sim, and her sister-in-law, Amelia Ching who is also an enthusiastic toastmaster will be driving us to the contest. Oh Lord, please help me to be particularly strong on 9th April. With grateful thanks in advance.

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