Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Thoughtful Friends......

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Since my illness, many of my friends have visited me. Till now, there are some friends who have called to say they want to see me, and I will be making arrangements.

Eldest and second sister are surprised I have so many friends. Eldest sister is concerned I may be tired, but I love meeting my friends and appreciate their taking their time to visit me. Eldest sister shared with me that a relative from Kuching had stage one liver cancer, and refused to have friends to visit him for fear that his poor immunity might put him at a disadvantage. I reminded eldest sister that we all have different principles and outlook in life.

Many of my friends brought me books to read and tapes on Christian messages for me to listen to. I am grateful for their thoughtfulness. My friend, Geok Cheng, bought me a a book on "Hard Truths" by MM Lee Kuan Yew because she knew that I admire our great leader. Elsa brought me tapes on messages by her pastor, Joseph Prince. Rebecca Lee, a health enthusiast, brought me 8 books on health - from detoxification to eating the right food. My ex-student Alyssa, sent me a book on a testimony by Moses Ng, "Touched by a Miracle". Janice brought me a book, "Natural
Cures Revealed" when I was at the National Cancer Centre.

There are still many more other books brought by friends, and I know I have enough reading material to last me a year or two!

Friends - how they show their love and warmth when the need arises!

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