Thursday, March 03, 2011

"Please consider the environment before printing this email."

" Please consider the environment before printing this email."

I was most impressed when I receveived an email from Joe Choy of Merlin Frame Maker
and Art Gallery Pte Ltd when I saw the above quote at the bottom of his email to me.
I wrote to ask him if he were an environmentalist or an animal lover. Joe replied
that it was sent by the National Parks Board.

Now, in sharp contrast, the new CEA which has devised standardised forms for all
agents have now come up with commission forms that are seven pages long. Before the change in rulings, most real estate companies use commission forms that are only one page long. Can you imagine what this means? Each time a sale, purchase or rental
deal is closed, there are altogether 21 pages that have to be printed. A set of 7 pages for the client, a set of 7 pages for the company, and a set of 7 pages for the agent for his filing and reference. Can you imagine how many thousand deals are closed in a day? How the heart of the National Parks Board must be bleeding.! Of course, they are the ones who take care of the trees, and know how long it takes for a tree to grow from infancy to adulthood.

I also love nature and animals and try to do my part by being vigilant in recyling of used papers, used bottles, cans, etc. But we need a concerted effort from everyone to help preserve the earth. I really hope the CEA will consider shortening
the words in the forms so as to reduce the number of pages. It takes only one hour
to cut down a tree but tens and hundreds of years to grow it to a dignified height.

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