Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Pleasant Dream......

Someone was wrapping me up in layers and layers of white cloth. I was somewhat tickled, because the thick layers made me look like a silkworm cocoon. I was extremely happy because I could see angels flying around the clouds, and there was
this long stairways that never seemed to have an end. The whole scenery was so beautiful - everything seemed so white and pure. I climbed the stairs as I wanted to
explore and see what I could find further up.

Suddenly, I heard a voice, "No, turn back. You're not to go further up, as it is not the time yet." All of a sudden, I found myself rolling along the long stairways and finally I rolled onto my comfortable bed! I thought it was so funny and I smiled. Just then, eldest sister Lee Lee was trying to wake me up for breakfast as
it was getting quite late, and she found me smiling away. I told her I had a pleasant dream. It was one of the most profound sleep I had for a long time, and I felt fully rested and contented.

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