Tuesday, February 01, 2011

When Organs Fall Apart......Even Acquaintances Are So Helpful and Generous!


Yahoo! Pink radishes! The colour of pink is always so sweet! My first time
seeing radishes in pink!

Murdock and white radishes.

Pink radishes, brown murdock and white radishes! What an interesting
combination of colours!

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My best friend, Soh Wah, called me up one day and excitedly told me that her good friend Alvin, wanted to arrange for me to meet his friend's parents. The father had
miraculously recovered from kidney cancer with just taking some recipes of food
recommended by a guru from the Himalayan Mountains. I have always thought that gurus are some kind of Hindu priests, but surprisingly this guru is a Christian....and from the Himalayans! Wow! How intriguing!

It was with some trepidation that sister and I took a taxi to Ceylon Road. The taxi driver decided to take the CTE/PIE instead of Sims Road or ECP which would be
heavily jammed with the evening crowd. Eldest sister was somewhat impatient with the
long journey and kept asking if we were reaching soon.

Soh Wah and her friend, Alvin were already there, to my relief, for at least they
could do the introduction. The lady of the house, Mrs. Goh at first looked very serious and when we were all seated around the garden table, she asked me to tell her about my condition.

Then Mrs. Goh told us about how she met the guru in Singapore, and he gave her two recipes - one for daily drink and one for daily soup. The daily drink is for detox and consists of blending one beet root, one apple and one tomato. The soup consists of some white radishes, some pink radishes and murdock - all boiled together and simmered for an hour. Mrs. Goh shared that her husband's tumour shrunk
and he was declared healed of cancer after a month of taking the drink and soup.! Wow!

When we were about to depart, we were pleasantly surprised when Mrs. Goh asked her maid to put all the vegetables in a huge plastic bag for us to bring home. We declined and thanked her profusely, but Mrs. Goh insisted and said she could easily buy them again from the organic farm in Woodlands.

I was very touched that so many of my friends and even mere acquaintances would rally around and be so helpful and generous to someone like me. It uplifts my spirit and makes me realise that I am not alone to battle my illness.

Thank you Lord, for good friends and for lovely and kind people you bring along this
challenging period of my life.

Gan Cao

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